Friday, 23 January 2009

Festival of Dance at Nehru Centre Auditorium

Like Indian Dance?

Well, there is a presentation of various dance styles by renowned danseuse at Nehru Centre Auditorium in Worli

On 27th January , you can enjoy the dance performances of Uma Dogra and Vani Ganapathy.

Pandita Uma Dogra, a Kathak exponent, is one of the most powerful and compelling dancers of India today. Endowed with a fascinating personality and highly imaginative mind, she brings to Kathak not only a mastery of technique that is the fruit of a thorough and meticulous training, but a total involvement in dance, a profound confidence and a joyous spontaneity that infuses her performance with rare intensity and authority. Born of a distinguished family with a rich cultural heritage, Uma was initiated to the art of Kathak when she barely seven years old. She had her early training in the Lucknow school of Kathak under Smt. Reba Vidyarthi at the Kathak Kendra, New Delhi.

Vani Ganapathy has merited the attention of discerning critics and art lovers for her chaste rendering of the art. Vani has performed extensively in all major festivals and performing centers in India.Vani Ganapathy established Sanchari, a premier Bharatha Natyam insititution of Bharatha Natyam in Bangalore. Vani's foreign tours have taken her to all parts of the world including Australia,France, Germany, China,U.K, Japan, Singapore.

28th January there will be Kathak dance performances by Maneesa Sathe and Rajendra Gangnani

A well-known Kathak dancer of the new generation, Rajendra Gangani is the son and desiciple of the renowned Kathak Guru Kundanlal Gangani. He excels in Nritta and his art displays the distinctive features of the Jaipur school of Kathak. He has performed in major festivals in India and abroad including the Festival of India in USSR, the Kathak Mahotsava in Delhi, and the Konark Festival in Orissa. Apart from his solo performances, he has also made a mark with his choreographic works for his students at Kathak Kendra, Delhi.

On 29th January, there will Odissi performance by Debi Basu and Bharat Natyam by Malavika Sarukkai.

Malavika Sarukkai is acclaimed, nationally and internationally, for her contemporary Bharata Natyam dance style with its innovative-within-tradition choreography. It is a remarkably rich and intensive style that combines dynamism and grace, austerity and passion, energy and repose. It is a style that is aesthetic and accessible and constantly evolving.

A firm believer in the continuity of the Indian classical tradition, Malavika presents Bharata Natyam as a vibrant and meaningful dance form of today to audiences across the world. As a foreign critic observed, “Malavika’s most remarkable achievement is her ability to obey the rules of Bharata Natyamn, yet bring non-specialist viewers close to its heartbeat by making every moment seem personal, spontaneous and even contemporary”.

Programs will be held from 6:30 pm onwards

For more information

Contact : Nehru Center
Phone : 022 - 24964680
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