Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Cyber Smarter?

Or a fool behind a screen?

Last year, my hotmail account was hacked and emails were sent to all people on my contact list asking money for me. (I personally never ask for money, who is this, huh?) It said that I was stranded in Africa and needed some cash. (the stupid goon did not know that I have a very caring family in Africa who stand by me in good times as well as in bad times) People who knew me, immediately contacted me on my cell phone to ask if I was fine (with my cell phone I stay connected with everyone, why would I send an email?) but many of the sponsors, who help my school at Belapur, were disappointed with my e-mail and unhappy that I was asking money for myself. (I wish they had known me well before believing this nonsense) They stopped contacting me and I did not get a chance to tell them that it was a scam.

Well, there are cyber crimes happening all the time. (naturally, we spend so much time on the net) But many of us just bear it all and pray that the problem will just disappear.

But do they really disappear? I think not. It is important to lodge FIR against every crime and cyber crime is getting serious.

Taking this under consideration, The Cyber Crime police station, the first-of-its-kind in Maharashtra, started functioning since May 30 in Bandra-Kurla Complex at suburban Bandra.

Such specialised police stations already exist in Bangalore and Hyderabad, two top IT hubs in the country.

"The dedicated police station will now register first information report on its own and investigate the offences pertaining to cyber space. The police station will take care of all cyber cases in the city including that of terror e-mails," additional police commissioner (Crime) Deven Bharti said.

The Cyber crime cell will deal with the investigation of website hacking, cyber stalking, cyber pornography, e-mail, credit card crime, software piracy, on-line fraud and internet crime.

So now I have cyber crime police station right here in Bandra. I can network in peace. I hope so.

Wah!! Kya baat hai!!!

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