Thursday, 26 May 2011

‘Must visit restuarant’ - Global Fusion in Mumbai

There are more than 600 restaurants in Bandra/Khar area and most of them are good. It just depends upon each person’s preference.

One place that I love to take my guest is at 'Global Fusion'. This place is neatly tucked on 3rd floor of Link Square Mall, off Linking road just opposite KFC at Khar(west)

“Wowie” is the first expression you use as you take in the ambience. This is the dimly-lit restaurant with lighted food stations, each serving different kind of food, it has a oriental feel with the pond running between tables. Some of the tables are quite low while some on a higher level and some in those cute gazebos. There is enough space between the tables which gives you enough privacy, probably because you are required to move around from one food counter to another.

This is one restaurant where you cannot order ‘a la carte’. You order what you see. There is unlimited selection of Sushi’s, salads, fritters, assortments of veggie and meat dishes and deserts. There are numbered clips at each table that you clip them on the bowls adjacent to the prepared dish. The portions are small and the variety is huge. I like it for its variety of culinary dishes that are on display. It is always advisable to take a survey of the all the food on display and make a mental note of what you would like to eat.

There is live-cooking station where you can choose from variety of dimsims, sauteed chicken, spring rolls, roasted shrimps, soups and many more things that are so attractive that you are tempted to order all that are on display. There is no beef and pork (thank God)

 But because of your limited appetite you just select few by dropping the numbered clips into the bowl next to the display-dish and the waiter gets them to your tables, freshly cooked in small portions.

You sit relaxed, munching on your food, savoring each dish, starting with cold cuts, sushi and salads and moving on to more exotic dishes and before you realize,  its been over two hours that you have been masticating. Ouch!!! You loosen your belt and look around to see if you can still squeeze something, a wee- bit more and so again you drag your feet and head on to Baskin Robbins ice cream counter and then to those neatly sliced cakes station, where you help yourself to just one more tiny piece of cake and maybe 2 scoop ful of ice-cream.

Its a sin, and you know it, to overeat is a sin, but you just burb!!! its okay, you can skip dinner, no issues!!

The service is good and prompt and the waiters are cheerful. When you ask for the bill,  you are in for a surprise. So much food you have consumed (lunch and dinner, remember you overate?) and you pay so little..well, well, well! Compared to other places, this place is very, very reasonable.

The Prices:

Rs. 570 (Monday – Friday Lunch Buffet)

Rs. 720 (Monday – Friday Dinner Buffet)

Rs. 850 (Weekend Brunch & Buffet)

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