Saturday, 10 December 2011

NCPA in Mumbai is in news again…..

I am so glad to know that we will see an affordable, sea-facing café at NCPA. hope to see something like this .....

 During my visits to Europe, I have always loved that café facing the sea front; it’s the place so inspiring, while you watch the sunset across the sea, you sip your coffee and the poetry dancing around your lips.

 Mumbai has water on all three sides, I wish there were many more café like these, I would love to just sit under the colored umbrellas and enjoy the breeze, I wouldn’t mind pani-puri or pav bhaji stalls too.

 “The NCPA Café will be an informal space,” explains Khushroo N. Suntook, the centre’s chairman and a founder of its associated Symphony Orchestra of India. “Audiences, families, arts aficionados, youngsters, students, artistes can come to the NCPA and have a pleasant day—performance or no performance.”

 Few months ago when I had attended ‘Crossword and Vodaphone Award’ I had complained about unavailability of food during late hours and this café is the welcome change.

 Economics dictates change. But more importantly, the NCPA’s energy may work to usher in a new stage of the centre’s relationship with its native city.
 “We are moving away from the beige in our walls and our work,” Suntook says, “and moving towards more colour and vibrancy.”
Supriya Nair discusses NCPA in Live Mint Lounge in her article ‘Moving away from the Beige’
This is a good news for artists and other people who come to this theater or by the sea shore at this end of Mumbai and I hope they will offer food at reasonable rates. Finger-friendly food like kababs, frankies and pastries are always all time favorites and the younger crowd prefer dim sum and Chinese starters .

So, watch out on January 22, the date slated to open, a place to go on Sundays and other relaxing days thereafter...

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