Monday, 3 December 2012

Spectacular Red Bull Soap Box Race at Bandra.

What were you doing on Sunday morning at 11am?
If you had come to Bandra, you might have witnessed the most spectacular show in Bandra of Red Bull Soap Box race, the first of its kind at ‘Mount Mary Circuit’.
There were 70 soap boxes participating in this race, all imaginatively man-made, human powered and competed against the clock in a downhill race course, featuring bumps, jumps and curves.
The soapboxes were in the shape of vada pav, pizza slices, snails, animals, private ships, etc. You had to be there to experience the excitement with the crowd of more than 10,000 people and watch each soap box race down the ‘Mount Mary Circuit’.
It was a day of song, drama, creativity and bumpy rides.
And there were attractive prizes too….
Dabbawalla stole the show with their soapbox designed as food dabba and won the first prize of a paid visit to Red Bull HQ at Salzburg, Austria.
Team Tritech, who rode a radio controlled car, won a fully paid experience for Sunburn Goa 2012
Feni Talks team, who rode downhill in a Feni-bottle, won a free entry to the most happening New Year party in town with friends.
Red Bull Soapbox Race has travelled in 77 cities across 40 countries.

What is Red Bull Soap Box ?

Fuelled by creativity and competitive fun, Red Bull Soapbox Race is a non-motorized racing event. Each soapbox must be powered by gravity and imagination, which means no stored power or external energy sources allowed.
The task is to design and build imaginative, human-powered soapbox machines and compete against the clock on a downhill race course featuring jumps, bumps and curves.Teams will be judged on three criteria: speed, creativity and showmanship.


AJ said...

Had never heard of a soap box race before I read your post. The description makes me want to watch one as soon as possible. :)

Simran said...

Never heard of this one!! Seems like a lot of fun and burst of creativity :) Thanks for sharing!!

Life Begins said...

wow - that sounds amazing. Lemme go google for more pics now :) :)

Swati Raman Garg said...

never knew they happened in india! but thats so cool!

Sirisha said...

This just proves that how much ever I say I know about Mumbai .. there is something new happening there that leaves me curious.. got to see this sometime

Aparna said...

Sounds like such a creative and fun experience, thanks for sharing and introducing me to the concept :).

Pallavi Purani said...

Really really interesting. Would read more on it :)

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