Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Kanheri Caves

I went to Kanheri Cave many years ago with school picnic, at an age when I could neither understand the architecture nor the history of any place and my idea of picnic was sitting in a park or playing in an open space.

I am not sure what my thoughts were then, I must have grumbled about climbing the tracks to see just rocks but now I see the stories in the carvings of the rock.

The dirt road leading up the caves looks tricky but the rewards are good at the end of the climb.

The Kanheri caves were Buddhist settlement from 3rd century BC to 11th century AD and it contains pillars and carving made of hard basalt rock.

They were carved out from rocky hills by Buddhist Monks.

The Kanheri caves are located deep inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park. They are located north of Borivali on the western outskirts of Mumbai. Bus transport is available every hour. Visitors must pay entry fees at the park gate and at the cave entrance.
Stream bisects the road from the entry point of Sanjay Gandhi National Park to Kanheri Caves where families can enjoy a lazy afternoon.

Sincere thanks to Biswajit Dey for sharing his photographs


Aparna said...

Looks like a lovely place full of history! Thanks for sharing :).

Pushpa Moorjani said...

yes it is...do visit, thx for dropping by :)

Me! In words said...

A beautiful looking place... I hope to visit it sometime thanks to your post

SohNi said...

have to visit this place.. looks interesting...

Pushpa Moorjani said...

yes, do visit..thank u for ur feedback :)))

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