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Eating out in Colaba

If you are tired of walking and shopping in Colaba, you need to relax and eat too. Although there are many restaurants in Colaba, but sometimes it becomes difficult to find the right place. When in Colaba, you could try some of these eateries.

Cafe Basilico is designed like Indigo Deli style and it is an enjoyable place to dine. It is just opposite Radio Club of Colaba. They serve Italian, Mediterranean and Thai cuisine.

Henry Tham, right next to Tommy Hilfiget between Gateway of India and Regal, is quite a popular bar most evenings and they serve a decent lunch/dinner as well. It is the restaurant for the Elite and they serve Chinese cuisine

Opposite of Henry Tham is Indigo Deli, it’s a café that serves continental, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. They are famous for their Salads, Pizzas, Desserts, etc.

Just off the Colaba Causeway, in 1st Pasta lane is a snack corner called Kailash Parbat that sell great Punjabi and Sindhi Snacks and delicious vegetarian food. Finish it off with some Falooda with Ice Cream for a yummy whole meal.

The best tandoori food in Mumbai can be relished at Bade Miyan. It's easy to spot Bade Miyan. When you turn the corner from the Colaba Causeway, you can faintly smell the aroma of chicken in the tandoor. Turn right again, and you can cruise straight into the restaurant. Tables are on the street. It is the only street side joint in Mumbai city which has been allowed to exist legally. This isn't a place for vegetarians.

Between Cafe Leopold, Gokul and Bade Miya near Regal in Colaba is a cheap quarter bar called Vrindavan. They serve South Indian cuisine.

Cafe Paradise is an old and famous Parsi eating joint. It is on Colaba Causeway on the left after the petrol pumps. Don't miss the Parsi daily specials. They have good selection of deserts.

Coming from VT, take the small lane behind Fountain Sizzlers. Take a left after that and you have Ankur on the right. It is a restaurant in Colaba that serves seafood predominantly from Kerala, and Mangalore. It is a pleasant place with excellent food. Ideal for a business lunch or for a quiet dinner with family, girlfriend or friends

In the lane of the petrol pump, perpendicular to Colaba Causeway is a restaurant Tavern, which is a very old bar with good music. It is a Bar in Feriyas Hotel. They serve Indian and Moghlai cuisine.

New Martin is an eating house in Colaba - turn at the petrol pump on Colaba Causeway and take the first right turn (after Gables). They serve very cheap and very good Goan food. Great deal if you are on a budget. Try and go there as early in the evening as possible. The small eating joint is just around the corner.

In the lane parallel to the Causeway; backside of the Taj Mahal hotel is Indus Cocktail Lounge that serve good cocktails and Indian snacks.

Behind Regal cinema, halfway to Gateway of India is Bayside Café. It is a decent cafe with good continental food

At the very end of Colaba Causeway is Kalpana Bar, where you can find cheap liquor.

About midway on Colaba Causeway; about 10 minutes walk from Regal cinema is Mings Palace, where you can find good Chinese food.

Close to Mings Palace is Cafe Churchill. They have very good continental food and desserts.

Opposite Regal cinema is Cafe Royal. Bill Clinton apparently visited this place when he visited India as U.S. president. They serve excellent steaks.

Alps is in the lane perpendicular to the lane with Bagdadi, Gokul, Bade Miyan. It is a small beer and sizzler joint. Rock music and a TV showing sports set the scene for college kids. Their sizzlers especially their steaks are really cheap compared to most other places, and good.

Tamarind has the unpretentious ambience of an airport lounge. You can gaze at aging hippies sunning themselves by the pool outside while enjoying a quiet meal. They serve Indian Italian and Chinese cuisine. It is in fariyas Hotel, off Arthur Bunder Road in Colaba.

On Divia Thani-Daswani Mandik Road, off Colaba causeway is the much talked about restaurant called Busaba. Burmese Khawsuey, Korean bipimbap and Thai lime-chilly fish are their favorites.

Some other restaurants you could try is All Stir Fry, at Gordon's Hotel, and
'Churchill', One of the original old good joints


Nitu said...

Hi Pushpaji,
I am a young Sindhi girl getting married soon and I have never cooked in my life.

I was trying to find ur book on the same but am not able to get it anywhere. Please can u help me find a copy.

Also, r u based in Mumbai and do u conduct cooking classes in Mumbai.


anuj64 said...

Thali is one of the best options for a good appetite as the food items included in it are not much fat or carbohydrate constituting. Also the variety makes the meal special as a sweet-dish is also served in the end. Helpful post. This helped me last month. Keep it up and thanks for the post. I suggest another place for the better experience..
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Nelson said...

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Shesha Kotian said...

Post shopping at Colaba or High Street Phoenix Fine dining restaurants in south Mumbai will give you amazing experience.

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