Saturday, 10 February 2007

Coming with kids? Visit Essel World

If you are coming to Mumbai with kids, then spending a day at Essel World is a great way to spend a day out. It is not just a cheap one day thrill for its visitors but it is an awesome theme park that can stand up well against other great theme parks all around the world.

It is located in North Mumbai, just a few kilometers outside city limits at Gorai, situated on a green landscaped, island on an area of 64 acres. It can be reached by ferry from Gorai creek or Marve beach. Alternately you can drive down by Western Express Highway, take the Bhayender turn and reach Gorai Island.

Essel World offers over thirty four thrilling and scintillating rides, games and amusements, guaranteed to pep you up.

Besides these rides there are also coin-operated games, like Crazy Shuttle, Derby Racer, Aqua Blasta, Water Lazer etc.

For the food lovers, Essel World caters to all palates. Whether your choice is quick pizza or a bhel-puri or a leisurely Chinese meal, one outlet or other, spread throughout the park, is sure to appeal to you.

Essel World has recently started Wet World (a park within the park) with separate entry charges. This has six water-related rides.

The park opens everyday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. During school holidays, the park is open up to 9 p.m.

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priya said...

I think ESSEL WORLD is the worst place to be in ....the security system and computer are just to show people they CARE, but i feel the way i got ROBBED their so please CAREFULL its ............NO MORE A AMUSSEMNT PARK ,,I think its a ROBBERS PARK

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