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Foreigners Registration Office

When you are preparing to get settled in Mumbai, in addition to sorting out where to live, shop and where the kids will go to school, you will also have to register with the foreigners Registration office. This must be done within 14 days of arrival. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

The Maharashtra Registration Office, more commonly known as FRRO, is located in South Mumbai.

Its details are:
Office of the Commissioner of Police,
Annex-ll, third floor, Badruddin Tayabji Marg,
Behind St. Xavier College.
Tel: 22620446/22620721

Registration is required for any foreigner who enters India on visa valid for 180 days or less and wishes to stay in India for longer time..

The FFRO’s function is to register all foreign nationals who are considered residents of India. They will issue you a Foreigners Registration Book and Residential Permit. The purpose of this book is to track your comings and goings for the local Government. It is also proof that you are a permanent resident and that you are entitled to local Indian rupees at hotels. Etc.

The office is division of the Police Department and therefore has all the bureaucracy that goes with being a government department. You must attend the FRRO in person but it is good to have some local assistance and knowledge. Expect a long queue and plenty of paperwork. It is advisable to take a good book to entertain yourself as the process can take hours. Many FRRO close for lunch at 2pm Check that you have ALL your original documents with you and all the requisite copies and passport photos.

Those who need to register have to make a declaration of the date of arrival and place of residence to the Commissioner of Police.

Following are the documents that you are asked to provide at the time of registration.

1. Registration forms (four copies)
2. Original passport, which is returned immediately after verification
3. Four copies of the passport.
4. Five passport size photographs, four of which are pasted on the registration form and one in the residential permit book.
5. Letter of undertaking from the individual’s Indian employer for an employment visa or by the assignee company when applying for business visa. This should be printed on company letterhead and stamped with the company seal. Separate copies of this letter should be produced for every member of the family.
6. A residential permit book (which you will need to purchase at the office and complete with your details.
7. Money for visa charges, booklet issue, etc, this can be paid in rupees at the current US dollar exchange rate.
8. A letter from the employer confirming your application

Once the FRRO is satisfied about the completeness of the application of registration, a Residential Permit will be issued.


Anonymous said...

On Monday 14th February I came to the office to extend my PIO beyond 180 days.
I was disappointed to see that although the men in the office were very helpful and polite some of the girls were rude and agressive with customers. One girl actually shouted at a Nigerian woman who happened to be sitting in a chair that the girl thought she should not be sitting in and it was extremely unpleasant. I think that the girls should be trained to be more polite and friendly and look as if they enjoy the job rather than making everyone see that they would rather be somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

i m marriage in india, i was staying in new delhi, and i was came to mumbai for medicale check up ,bz i had my sergary, i m staying in my frands house, wheb enquary was came, they a calling me to FFRO mumbai, and u a not believe what they a done? i have my pio card, means 15 years visa .they a taking my pio card and told me get out from india without any explanation, i dont know what hapened, i m asking what hapened, and they a given me answer,to much asking u cab got to much problem on ur head, i m to much crying, but they a was somebody behind me,some enemy.they a taking my pio after i m crossing imigrassion,i m told them if u taking my pio, than give me rective that u taking my pio,they a not given any answer.they a trouing me as like dog, without any explanation,i want to go court,but they a told u take ur pio and go ur country,and come back, and when i going airport they a takin my pio card in imigration,and not given back, inligall taking my pio card. if i m wrong why they a not taking me to court, somebody given them big money for trouing me from india. i m told how i going my country without pio,bz visa in pio not in passport,they a told me, tell u lost ur pio in mumbai airport. i m ubderstand if u dont have money and connection, u a nothing in foreign country.

Anonymous said...

like this people which working in FFRO mombai,they a not have heart, they a to much behind money,my husband was came they a to much shouting on him, and they a asking from me 25 lakh for not trouing from india, i dont have like this money, and for what i must to give, they a doing me blacklist for 3 years, they a told ur marriage not proper, i have proper dokuments, if not proper my dokuments why they a not taking me court, they a doing inligall everything.

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