Sunday, 21 October 2007

A Concert titled 'Dhawak Utsav' of Indian classical music is organized

on 27th October 2007, at Prabhadevi , Ravindra Natya Mandir, 7.30 pm Open Foyer, featuring the eminent artistes viz

-Farhan Khan (Sitar) & Jayateerth Mevundi (Vocal)...

This year ‘Sharad Poornima’ is on 25th October 2007.

The night of Sharad Poornima holds its own significance.It is believed that on this night the Moon showers on the earth ,the cool nectar of peace along with the eternal nourishing power.It makes the mind peaceful and reduces the effect of 'pitt', one should acquire this important moonlight on this night .

Maharishi Ved Vyasji in 'Shrimad Bhagwat ' in the 10th episode has described the night of 'Sharad poornima' as the night of the Raasotsav(raas celebrations)of the incarnation of Lord Krishna on the earth, because unlike the moon showering the cool nectar Lord Krishna too, showered 'Bhakti ras ' on the earth.thousands of fortunate Gopis enthrilled themselves by enjoying the bhakti ras in the accompaniment of the Yogehwar Lord Krishna ,the memory alone of this event fills the hearts of the devotees with love for the lord.

The day of Sharad poornima is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Brij.It is also believed to be the day of manifestation of Swami Kartikeya.

On this day Poha (puffed rice ) made from new rice along with Kheer ,a sweet dish made of milk and rice is prepared and left in the moonlight and then consumed ,gold ornaments are also placed in the vessel used to cook this kheer , this kheer is kept in the moonlight between 9pm and 12pm .One should never add raisins in any of the milk preparations,though cashew nuts and charoli can be added .The prasad thus prepared should be taken after the satsang and performing pooja, jap dhyaan with the feeling of gaining good health ,self cool and prosperity.

White puffed rice , white milk,white sugar and also the moonlight being white in colour ....hence this occassion can also be called 'Dhawal Utsav' where dhawal means white .

The moon is very close to the earth on this day and its bright rays has its own curative properties,the rays fall on the food or drinks that are consumed,and help in curing the disorder of Pitt avoids many other trivial diseases and makes the body healthy.

Listening to Indian classical music is also believed to be a part of satsang and dhyaan


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