Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Pedestrians will skywalk in Mumbai……

I must have been dozing during my bus trips and had not noticed this before, but yesterday, when I traveling by bus after a gap of four months on this route, I was surprised to see 1.3 km long skywalk, a bright yellow iron bridge extending all the way from Bandra Suburban station to Kala Nagar in Bandra East..

Wow! A skywalk in Bandra! Now people don’t need to go to gym to shed few pounds!

Skywalk construction in Bandra consist of 4 meters elevated walkway framed structure with Polycarbonate Sheet as roofing and resting on 1.0 m. dia. Pier of ht. approximately 6.0 m above the ground level. It has four staircases namely at Anant Kanekar Marg Police Chowki, Near ONGC Building, Kalanagar on either side of Sion-Dharavi Road.

Around 50 skywalks, or elevated walkways, are being planned at railway stations across Mumbai and its suburbs to facilitate the movement of people from stations to adjoining areas without disrupting the flow of vehicular traffic.

The MMRDA had earlier announced that it would be financing the construction of 50 skywalks in the city at a cost of Rs 600 crore. The MSRDC would be constructing 18 while the MMRDA will undertake the work on the remaining 32 skywalks. The MMRDA hopes to recover the investment through sale of advertising rights.

The width of 17 skywalks will vary from 3 meters to 4.50 meters and will have steel railings, powerful lighting, polycarbonate sheds, sitting arrangements, escalators, landscaping, garbage bins, shops, and toilets.

I am sure that this project will be economical, time-bound, and most commuter-friendly due to its need in the wake of dense pedestrian movement and there is a promise that the skywalk will have enough space to accommodate demarcated areas for hawkers.

‘Linking road’ and ‘Fashion Street’ will have a new address. Now, won’t that be fun?


Nona shivangi said...

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vaibhav said...

standing committee chairman of (NMMC) Sandeep naik said Navi Mumbai to get five skywalks

After Mumbai’s ambitions plans to have 50 skywalks, it's now the turn of Navi Mumbai to build five such modern structures on the two major highways- Sion-Panvel and Thane-Turbhe-passing through the satellite township.These skywalks are proposed at Vashi, nerul, Koperkhairne, Ghansoli and Airoli."These have been several instances of fatal mishaps in these spots. Most of them were pedestrians who were trying to cross the road and tracks while trying to catch a train. In these areas, industries, railways stations and which complicates the problem, "Said standing committee chairman of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) Sandip Naik. " Over the last five years, 16 [erupts java need killed and 60 injured in various road mishaps in these areas, "he added."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


I'm trying to get hold of a picture of the Mumbai skywalk, and I like the one on your 18 June 2008 post.
Could we talk about possibly reproducing it in a book?


pushpee said...

Yes, sure, send me a mail with details at, will be happy to help :))

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