Saturday, 16 August 2008

Zenzi, a resto-lounge Bar in Bandra will sing a poetic tune every 45 days

By inviting large number of poets who like to spew their fresh digestions on an unsuspecting audience.

It starts its maiden invitation ´In the beginning was the Word´ on Monday, 25th August between 9pm to 11:45 pm.
Every 45 days, henceforth, poets and writers will be invited to Performances of disruptive, alternative, slam, hip-hop, post-modern, oral poetry.

It will be a celebration of the spoken word. It will be a night that has no fixed performances, no routine; it will be a night full of surprises.

You will know you are approaching Zenzi bar at waterfield road, when you see a warm orange glow down the street, it is a resto-lounge bar with street-facing, low, open windows and you will see Thai and Balinese interiors, a touch of contemporary Asian, and a mix of wooden panels, glass doors and orange hues giving a warm transparency to an evening soirée of the verses, dancing words, playful rhythms, swarming and absorbing the fresh muse in the air.

This place is great in catering to every mood. Besides providing exceptional cuisine, Zenzi has taken an appreciative interest in hosting live acts and performances in music and organising various cultural events such as art exhibitions, salsa classes and now, poetry nights.

A social and communicative form of literature that entertains is the new idea that doesn’t exist but this is great beginning and lyricists will be happy too….

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