Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Don’t take a raw deal from public transport…… Mumbai

For long distance we take normally local train or a bus in city of Mumbai. They are comfortable during off-peak hours. The traffic is less, there is fewer crowds in the bus, and it is economical.

But during peak-hours, traveling in the city is a nightmare. Some of us are forced to take a taxi to reach but for short distance, in the suburbs we normally travel by an autorickshaw.

While most of the autoricksha fella are quite friendly and will even chat with you or share a song from their music system, blaring into their vehicle, there are some of them who refuse to ply to the destination of your choice. Their argument is that we should choose the correct direction before hailing their auto. It is their auto, so they will decide where they want to go, if you are going the same route, they will drop you but having to take an U-turn for you… is not done… and you are left cursing them, especially if you are stranding on a lonely route. Many of the ricks don’t like to take u-turn, (perhaps to avoid repetition of scenery)

Good news for all those who've traveled in auto-ricks and had to step out of autos, 'coz of the attitude that the rickshawallas dish out!

Go ahead and sit in the auto rickshaw without a word and ask them to take to your place, and if at all they refuse, kindly do not step out, but while in the auto, immediately dial traffic control room's number 24937755 / 24937746 / 24937747.

Within 5 minutes the traffic police will reach and they can suspend auto rickshaw licenses.

If you are anywhere in Mumbai the above numbers will help you, but if you were too coward to complain and are still angry, you still can do something. Post your complaint to and see the results.

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The name "Bombay" was derived from 'Bom Bahia' (The Good Bay),

.... a name given by Portuguese sailor Francis Almeida, in 1508 ....“Bounce back Mumbai” it is called by the locals, it is a city that has been through a lot in the recent past – floods, bomb blasts, riots – and come out stronger each time.

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