Tuesday, 3 February 2009

'Kala Ghoda Arts Festival' is here once again.......

Every year, the Association hosts the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival for nine days in February.

It is here, once again, ‘The 2009 Kala Ghoda Arts Festival’ which will be on from 7th February to 15th February.

There are lots of interesting things to see. there are gallery and pavement shows, then there are exhibitions, literary events, film screenings, music concerts, dance performances, theatre shows, workshops, heritage walks, a food fiesta, and a buzzing street festival that bring in audiences and participants from all over the city.

The Festival has grown in size and popularity, winning a reputation for its diversity and vibrancy, it gives platform to upcoming artists and there are many visitors who just stroll around basking in the fun.

Last year, it was held from 2nd February to 10th February I had attended Kalaghoda festival for the first time and had really enjoyed it. I had blogged about Kalaghoda festival Here, here, and here

This event is held in a crescent-shaped area called Mahatma Gandhi road, that citizens of Mumbai still refer to this area as Kala Ghoda. This has concentration of museums, art galleries, educational institutions, boutiques and restaurant, and what is arguably the finest array of heritage buildings in the city, and has emerged as an arts precinct and a prominent cultural centre, thronged by visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Do visit if you are in Mumbai.....and experience the colors of joy and fun......

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