Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Reel Shows during KGAF……. all free…What Fun!!!!!

For those veterans who bored of walking on the streets and doing face-reading, there are reel shows showing at different venues where you just can feast your eyes while chomping caramel popcorns…………

The reel shows during the festival are as follows

13th February 2009


Gumraah 1963 (Hindi Feature film) at Cama Hall

4pm to 6pm

Short films/documentaries at BHNS

6:30pm to 7:30pm

Shamiana (The short film Club) at Cama Hall)

8pm to 10pm

Shiver (Spanish Feature film-horror) at Cama Hall


Ocean of An Old Man- Premiere (Feature film) at Eros Cinema

14th February 2009

3pm to 5pm

186 Kms. – Estonia 2007 (Feature film followed by an interactive session wit Director Rain Naik)
At Cama Hall

5:30pm to 6pm

Bollywood Gig at Cama Hall

6pm to 8pm

Big - 1988 (Feature film) at Cama Hall

8:30pm to 10pm

Four Wedding and a Funeral 1994 (A feature film) at Cama hall

6pm to 8pm

Shamiana (The short film club) at M.C. Ghia Hall

8pm to 8:45pm

Kala Ghoda Shorts (on Fire and water) at M.C. Ghia Hall

9pm to 11:30pm

Sound of Music 1965 (Feature Films) at M.C. Ghia Hall

15th February 2009

10:30pm to 12:30pm

Dr Horton- 2008 (Children’s feature film) at Cama Hall

12noon to 1:20pm

Mickey’s Great Clubhouse Hunt! -2007 (Cartoon Children’s film) at M;C; Ghai Hall

1pm to 3pm

Mary Poppins (Feature film) at Cama hall

1:45pm to 3:45pm

Jungle Book- 1967 (Feature Film) at M.C. Ghia Hall

3:30pm to 5pm

Who Says That It Is Easy?- Argentina 2007 (Feature film) at M.C. Hall

4pm to 5:30pm

Rahu, If Ever (2 mini feature films) at Cama Hall

5:30pm to 7:45pm

20,000 leagues under sea -1954 (Feature films) at M.C. Hall

6pm to 6:30pm

Filmi Gigs at Cama Hall

7pm to 9:30pm

Kingdom of Heaven 2005 (Feature film) at Cama Hall

9pm to 12midnight

The Abyss -1989 (Feature film) at M.C. Ghia Hall

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