Sunday, 8 February 2009

So! What else is happening at Kala Ghoda Festival?

Poeple are having lots of fun at KGAF and every one is couped up into their favorite zones. There are range of activities happening during the day and there are many people who are just walking from one end of the street to another, visiting food stalls. book stalls, art and handicraft stalls and many more stalls that are spread along the street. There are shoppers, tourist, dancers, writers, and of course, children.

Children enjoy these festivals the most.

There are activities for children at KGAF everyday that are sponsored by ‘Surf Excel’. Children can enjoy painting, clay modeling, pottery, Art. Music, Spiders from bottles and many more…… The activities for children are planned at ‘Parking Lot’ from 330pm to 6pm everyday. On Saturday and Sunday, the activities for children begin from 1030am onwards.

For those who like theatre, this is your chance to watch it all, for free……

Feb 9th ~ Hamlut The Clown Prince ~ NGMA ~ 730pm to 845pm

Feb 9th to 13th~ Munsi Premchand Assorted Stories (Produced and directed by Mujeeb Khan)~NGMA~ 6pm to 7pm

Feb 10th ~ Intehaa by Cyrus Dastoor ( Produced by Cyrus Dastoor) ~ Horniman Circle ~ 730pm to 845pm

Feb 11th ~ A Personal War Divya Palat ~ NGMA ~ 730pm onwards

Feb 11th ~ Sangit Girbala(Produced and directed by Awishkar) ~ Horniman Circle ~ 6pm to 730pm

Feb 11th ~ All about Women (Akvarious Productions-Directors-Akash Khurana)~ Horniman Circle ~ 8pm to 10pm

Feb 12th ~ Balchanda Crescent Moon Play in Hindi ( Produced and directed by Vibha Rani)~NGMA ~ 730pm to 830pm

Feb 12th ~ Proof (Akvarious Productions-Director- Akash Khurana)~ Horniman Circle ~ 730pm onwards

Feb 13th ~ Green Mumbai Issues (Alyque Padamsee, Gary Richardson) ~ NGMA ~ 730 pm onwards

Feb 13th ~ Apples and Walnuts ~ BHNS ~ 730pm onwards

Feb13th ~ All the Best (Feroz Abhas Khan) ~ Horniman Circle ~ 730pm onwards

Feb 14th ~ Got to be Aishwirya (Produced and directed by Bharat Dabolkar) ~ NGMA ~ 730pm to 930pm
Feb 15th ~ Saving our Planet ~ Amphitheatre ~ 6pm to 7pm

Feb 15th ~ Tonight I can write (Kali Theatre- Shomshukla Das) ~ NGMA ~ 730pm to 9pm

Last year I had attended the theatre at NGMA and watched the play "The Mad Horse' This was the best show that I had ever watched in years! It was a bouquet of five recitals, and five different Shakespearean plays performed by talented stage artists like Alyque Padamsee, Shazehn Padamsee, Gaurav Chopra, Aparna Tilak, Madhuri Bathia, Cyndy Khozol and Gary Richardson. I had enjoyed it a lot.

I hope to attend this year too... But I will go only if I find a friend who is willing to come with me to South Mumbai, which is an hour away from my house....I hate going alone anywhere......

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vasu said...

Wow,so interesting -but I can only attend after my kid grows up ! Another good update on the festival is available @

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