Thursday, 26 February 2009

We Want Underground Metroline and Not Overhead

This is the picture taken at Versova, which was once a wide road with four lanes having a smooth traffic. The street has been constricted, by this construction of Versova-Andheri –Ghatokopar route causing traffic jam and pollution. Such is the future of Mumbaites during next few years, when most of the roads in Mumbai will suffer this discomfort.

My friend who lives in the Suburbs has been overtly concerned, not only of this discomfort and pollution but also about the danger of displacement due to latest Metro rail project that is underway by MMRDA (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority)

The present scenario of Mumbai is that there is too much traffic on the road and many times we have to abort our plans to go for family functions or events unless it is too important to attend. The inadequate road network slows down the traffic causing congestion and environment pollution.

With a great influx of people into city of Mumbai, and more added each day, buses and trains are not sufficient to cater to comfort and economical transport of a common man, as a result, a new project MRT(mass Transit System) is on the list of alternative transport because of its high capacity, environmental friendly, economical and attractive deal to commuters.

The route, Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar project is already under construction but Charkop-Bandra-Mankhurd Route which is to start in 2012 is under fire.

MMRDA wants to construct ‘Overhead Metroline 2’ that is passing through S.V.Road and linking Road.. There are three metro stations planned on linking Road dis-housing plot holders and their occupants for building these stations. The route moves through S.V.Road and Linking road blocking the only two arterial roads connecting North and South Mumbai in the Western Suburbs. And the entire route is OVERHEAD thus destroying the established and developed neighborhood of the entire Western Suburbs, and not to mention about many residents/commercial structures to be uprooted to make way for stations, staircase, concourse, parking etc.

The residents of Bandra-Khar-Santacruz argue that Western Suburbs are over-populated, over-developed and generate maximum revenue compares to South Mumbai, yet the suburbanites are always considered inferior by the authorities in providing infrastructure and many other attributes to improve the quality of life. There was no notification issued to citizens for acquisition/compensation for the properties along this route. Instead, the local authorities have issued IOD, CC, OC transfers, etc to these properties, worth several hundred crores of rupees in recent past and continue to do so.

Even in Mumbai itself Bandra-Colaba route is planned as an underground Metro line. All over the world, developed cities have underground metro lines, especially when passing through residential/commercial zones.

So, what are MMRDA trying to do? Why do they want to built overhead and de-house the residential areas and create congestion, when there is an alternative of building an underground rail system?

What the actual plans of MMRDA behind such proposals are.. ...Can you guess??????

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Benzujk said...

Nicely written. I was looking for the comparison between "Underground Metro rail line" and "Overhead Metro"...

I havent been able to figure the difference in the cost of construction between these two systems?
Whether Overhead metro line proves more cost effective but creates chaos in the city...
So please, if you could find any information about Metro Systems, plz do let me know...

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