Saturday, 18 April 2009

Donate your books.......

One song keeps playing on local radio station in Mumbai all the time

‘Book deke dekho
Book deke dekho
Book deke dekho ji
Book pardne wallo
Book deke dekho ji

Which simply means “donate the story books for children”

And every time, there is a different child expressing her/his desire to read stories

Like for example, Right now, I can hear one child on Radio, saying "My name is Nagma, I am ten years old. I want to read the story of Ali Baba and forty theives" and then somebody else is saying.. "old or new, what was your favorite book during your childhood? donate your books for children like Nagma.....

On 23rd April, Radio Mirchi is celebrating their seventh anniversary and they want to celebrate it in an unusual way. They are planning to collect books and help donate the books to the underprivileged children who can then be encouraged to read.

This is a good movement, which promises to develop an interest in reading the books. There are 'Crossword book stores' spread all over the city of Mumbai and people are requested to donate their book to their nearest ‘Crossword’ bookstall. Radio Mirchi plans to collect the books from Crossword and donate it to the needy.

By donating good quality, well chosen second-hand books to the children, you are not only helping children read but you are also showing that you care.

You are requested to donate your books before 22nd April…..

I am going now to the bookstore…....what are you waiting for?


Search Engineer said...

you can donate at

Ashish Pawaskar said...

If you wish to donate books, we will come and pick them up from your home. See or contact

Anonymous said...

hi..i got few management books like international business, international marketing..i would like to donate the suggest

Gooloo Mehta said...

I wish to donate some books which are for adults. Novels and mystical religious books. Pl let me know what books are needed by your ngo.

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