Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Have a Date with Prithvi Theatre This Week.....

If you love plays and Karnataka Sangha-musical, old favorites, or plays for children, this week is the time you can catch all these at Prithvi theatre at Juhu

They are also having two screenings on performance and performers which is brought to you by their partners Pen and Seagull…which you must not miss.

The programs that are lined up during this week are as follows..

Aise Kehte Hain

9th June,Tuesday at 9pm
10th June, Wednesday at 9pm
11th June,Thursday at 9pm

What do you make of a love story comprising a liar, a cop, two runaway circus kids, a guy called chai, a man resolved on suicide, another willing to help him in lieu of money, a bunch of pigeons who occasionally feel the need to break into song & dance and a lonely crow with an identity crisis?

At the farthest end of a deserted railway station a young man spins a story for his love. The story turns into its own raconteur and becomes a testimony of all those moments in life that we like to think of as quirky … the odd broken pieces that never quite fit into the jigsaw puzzle, but are nonetheless preserved, in case someday we find a gap for them.

Can all these sundry characters make a love story? Without love? And can it have a happy ending? They say it is possible.

They say... AISA KEHTE HAIN...

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Girija Ke Sapne

12th June, Friday, at 9pm

Girija Ke Sapne is a musical satire, at times hilariously funny and at times ridiculous, with shades of pathos. It makes use of television and advertising lingo as a theatrical device including the now popular trend of Hinglish. The protagonist Girija, is the only educated girl in her village - 10th class fail. She dreams of the kind of life-style she has seen in the touring talkies. Her small town aspirations based on her exposure to films and advertising are personified in the character of her hero. She is so enamoured of her ‘hero’ that the dialogues he delivers in his films are the only truth she believes in. The make-believe world of her dreams is her reality, which is completely at odds with her family and her village. The clash between her dreams and reality is the essence of the play………

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Barsoraam Dhadaake Se

13th June Saturday at 11am
14th June, Sunday at 11am

What is a fairytale? Was it once upon a time…or is it now? Bansode uncle is the cranky, scary and child-hating landlord of Africa House. What happens to this awful man when monsoon meanders into his world? Enter this funny fairytale that takes place in your own city, Bombay

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14th June, Sunday at 9pm

Biwi-O-Biwi deals with the theme of modern male chauvinism and how the modern woman stands up to and fights against it. A middle class woman can no longer be treated like a doormat. There are certain prevalent values in our society that are binding, but there is a limit to everything. The play revolves around the relationship between the main protagonists, Dr.Pawan Soorma and his wife Pooja.This is a super-hit, star-studded comedy play from IPTA. It has had successful shows in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Dubai, Chennai, New Delhi, Muscat and other cities.

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Kachche Lamhe

10th June, Wednesday at 8pm

KACHCHE LAMHE (Vulnerable Moments) is a lighthearted look at delicate relationships with fun, gaiety and few tears. Gulzar and Javed Siddiqi, two of our best known writers have come together to create an unusual theatrical experience. Married to Sudhir (Kiran Karmarkar), the director of a theatre group, Seema (Lubna Salim) finds herself merely as a vehicle to carry characters across for an audience. While Sudhir is engrossed in his creative pursuit, the girl in Seema pines for freedom from this bondage of borrowed identity. Comes a pleasant intrusion in the form of T.K. (Harsh Chhaya), a businessman and her husband’s best friend, Possessed by a quest and hunger for life and love, she finds herself getting drawn into a new relationship. It is about a girl’s journey from one relationship into another. When two lovers reach a dead end in their relationship, does their bond really break and do they forget each other entirely?

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Hum Safar

11th June, Thursday at 8pm

HUM-SUFFER is about an erstwhile couple at crossroads, meeting each other over a period of several years, revealing vagaries of contemporary lifestyles which creep in relationships. Betraying a need for individual search of love, closeness and some form of happiness, it is as much about love, as it is about marriage and relationships.

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12th June Friday at 8pm

A peek into the lives of people divided by common history and culture.the show encompasses the journey of last sixty years with stories of Hope,Despair,Passion and Redemption.A collage of stories and poems of renowned litterateur Gulzar on the theme of Indo-Pak relations and its consequences on the lives of its people, the show is a tribute to the resilience of human spirit and shared values nurtured over centuries of common co-existence.

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Home Delivery 3989 5050
Prithvi Theatre Box Office 2614 9546, 10 am to 1 pm & 2 pm to 9 pm
Karnataka Sangha Box Office 98332 34019, 10 am to 1 pm & 2 pm to 8 pm

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