Monday, 6 July 2009

Finally, I test drive through this Sea-Link

Everybody was taking the advantage of travelling by sea-link which was declared as a free passage for first five days. My brother-in-law called me on Sunday morning and invited me to join him for a trip through this sea-link. I was excited of course. I had been waiting for this offer. I had watched this bridge from a distance for nearly nine years, many times clicking pictures across the waters from Bandra-Mahim road link and this time I would actually go through the bridge! Finally!

We started off at 12 noon, the weather was cloudy and there were thousands of cars with the same mission of driving through this bridge.

And it was quite a good experience, it reminded me of the trip in New York, some years ago. I had traversed the bridge in New York many times before but the feeling that I got in Mumbai was very much different.

In my own city of Mumbai, I enjoyed this trip much more than in New York, especially that strip under those tight wires, where it was like going through the tunnel of long wide wires.

I was expecting to see eight lanes on this bridge, but there were only four lanes, the other four were still under construction (how much more money will it cost to complete that bridge? ). Anyways, I enjoyed the scene around it, with the waves splashing against shores reflecting the dark clouds and the high rise building across the waters. We also passed through the fishing village of Mahim and Shivaji park and reached Worli in fifteen minutes, Though there was traffic jam at the bridge, we were thankful that there were no signals and it was a smooth drive all the way through the bridge.

Later that evening, after 12pm, I made this trip again, on my return from South Mumbai. The scene was completely different. There were many people, who had parked their cars under those iron suspensions and were actually clicking pictures with their family against the back drop of the wired tunnel. But there was lesser traffic, and the toll was already been charged.

I think Rs50 is quite reasonable, considering the amount of time and the fuel that we will save by travelling through this bridge.

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Mumbai said...

Great Images guy!. Keep it up. The first image is really nice.

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