Wednesday, 1 July 2009

One More Tourist Spot in Mumbai

Bandra Worli sea-link will deliver an amazing view of Mumbai during the seven minutes of drive through the bridge (that took almost nine years to complete and costed Rs 1634 crores) Wow!!!

Many people came out on the streets to welcome Sonia Gandhi for the inauguration of the event

Streets were filled with countless banners all over the city screaming the announcement of her visit to Mumbai.

There were traffic jams everywhere and many just waited on the streets braving the sun....

At 5pm NCP chair person Sonia Gandhi arrived, saw the model of the sea link

swiped a toll card before riding down the sea-link

and the convoy of vehicles rides down the sea link but not in straight line..huh? cutting lane??? Maybe they do not know the rules.....

Dos & Don’ts

No over-speeding, No honking, No walking, No halting anywhere along the route, No two-wheelers (motorbikes, No three-wheelers (auto-rickshaws, tempos), Stick to own lane, 50 kmph speed limit till monsoon ends, BEST buses allowed

For first five days the ride is free to the public and I am told that there is traffic jam for this freebees.....

But they plan to charge Rs50 per ride and how will the common man travel?..they are planning to introduce the open deck,double-decker bus which will just charge Rs20 per ride...not bad! for an evening ride in that open deck..the ride will be perfect to go click! click!...wot say????

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The name "Bombay" was derived from 'Bom Bahia' (The Good Bay),

.... a name given by Portuguese sailor Francis Almeida, in 1508 ....“Bounce back Mumbai” it is called by the locals, it is a city that has been through a lot in the recent past – floods, bomb blasts, riots – and come out stronger each time.

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