Tuesday, 8 September 2009

‘Celebrate Bandra Festival’ is round the corner.

Every two years, during the month of November, Bandra is dressed in colorful carnival type of spirit to “Celebrate Bandra Festival’

The streets are lit up, and the promenades of Carter road and Band stand come alive with various cultural shows that include dances, music and competitions.

There is also a ‘Souvenir’ released during the festival that showcases the art and culture of Bandra. This year it calls for your submissions about your thoughts on your beloved Bandra.

You can submit anything that can appear in print (without spending enormous amounts of money): essays, short fiction, poetry, play scripts, illustrations, photographs.

Please email your submissions to celebrate.bandra.festival@gmail.com

Original post is here

Please use one of these subject lines: Souvenir Submission - short story, Souvenir Submission - poem, Souvenir Submission - essay, or Souvenir Submission - script.

For photographs, scanned illustrations or computer-generated art
• Please submit only one piece. (A picture being worth a thousand words and all that.)
• You can include a short (not more than 100 words) descriptor or caption in the body of your email.
• If your image is a very large file, please upload it online somewhere* and mail in a link.
• If you think you must submit more than one image as part of the same entry, then please mail in only one, but add a description of what the rest of the series will be like, or upload the additional material elsewhere and send in a link. If we want to see the rest, we'll mail you.
• Please use one of these subject lines: Souvenir Submission - photograph, Souvenir Submission - illustration, or Souvenir Submission - digital art

In one paragraph at the end of your email, please include your name, postal address, email address and a phone number, land or cellular, where you can be reached during the day and in the evenings.

Okay, I am going to look into my archives, I have so many stories to share, but I will share just one…rest I post regularly on my this post for you…..Cause I know you love to visit me here, again and again…isn’t it???

Ps: And during the festival, watch this space for live report of the event, I am not promising you..but I will try.....

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Anonymous said...

Will visit for sure.
Thankyou for the information in advance.

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