Saturday, 19 September 2009

Flex Up Your Muscles For Cycling Tour from Mumbai to Goa…

Sometimes I wish I was young again. Not that I am old now, (hello, I am still young) it’s just that I can’t cycle anymore. There was a time when I would arise early in the mornings and go cycling from Bandra to Juhu beach (about 6kms) to see the morning sun reflecting on the sea, with waves breaking the light at every crest. Sometimes, the guys would take us double seat, which was fun, then we wouldn’t had to cycle but just give them directions and be ready to eat ice candies on our way back.

Now-a-days, my outdoor activities are limited, But these youngster are really having fun!! I heard them talking about cycling 500kms spread over seven day and travelling across Konkan Maharastra by bicycle from Mumbai to Goa.!!

There is a group called ‘Cycle for Youth-Indian Cross Country Cycle Tour’ who are planning a small 7-day trip for everyone who keeps interest to cycle in the western Ghats of Mahatrashta and believe that the best way to see a place is by pedaling through it.. The route takes 2 states, Maharashtra, Goa on the famous Mumbai-Goa highway road (NH 17)

The expedition will start on 19th of December 2009. Detailed planning has started and they plan to freeze the master plan by end of October 2009.

Before taking part in the actual trip, the participants will take part in training which will prepare them for cycling that includes four stages of training.

Anyone who wishes to participate in this amazing country cycling trip
should register with them here

Registration should be done before 15th October 2009.

Now me thinking if somebody will risk double-seat pedal with me to Goa. On a second thought, me gonna to let the youngsters enjoy, I will watch the video of their adventures and sigh!

Actually, I am jealous!!!

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Anonymous said...

The thought of peddling reminds old days And I am not sure whether I am fit or not for 500 kms. An an average 50 kms. per day. Long back I used to cycle.
But great post.
And listen, links mentioned not working. Kindly check.

pushpee said...

If u try, may be u can..u never know.. :).Thanks for pointing it out..I have corrected it, now links in place....Thx

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