Friday, 4 September 2009

Go puffing and huffing up the Belapur hills trek

Did you know that there are ample of things to do on week-end besides lazing in the bed and watching TV and boring your wife and family specially if your wife is as adventurous as you are and you have children who want some excitement in life.

‘Life Away From Life’ designs trips connected with nature in some way or the other, Prateek Deo, the Director of LAFL believes that each one of us should give ourselves a chance to see a life way from life, at least once in life, a chance to explore the little universes which exists in us.

They have a habit of exploring new hills and mountains. Last week their team found an interesting route on the Belapur hills and thought that it will be a great one-day trek on 6th September 2009, Sunday.

They are inviting all beginners and nature enthusiast to opt for this interesting route and experience trekking in Maharashtra during the rains. (Before it disappears)

One can drive to the starting point (which is in 8A, Artist Village, very close to my school, Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan, centre for mentally challenged) or travel by public transport like train, bus or that new AC, comfortable bus.

Join them on 6th September 2009 to trek through this interesting simple route in Navi Mumbai , Belapur Hills.
This trek is recommended for first time fit trekkers and nature enthusiast.

For more details contact Prateek Deo
cell: 9869158351

email :

PS: and remember, if you going then come back and tell us about your experience. You know you can use this comment box, don’t you????

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Thankyou for sharing.

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