Friday, 22 January 2010

Carter Road, Bandra

Sometime ago, I received an email from a (regular?) visitor of my blog asking me about a certain house at Carter road, Bandra. The person who wrote to me, said that he used to live in Bandra, (now staying somewhere in states), he was curious to know how this area looked like, since he has not visited Mumbai for a long time and knows that there have been so many changes since last few years and he wanted me to write about Carter Road.

Well Carter road, for one has changed a lot. It is what one would call it a ‘happening place’, At any hour of the day, you will find people clustered here, either at the promenade, at the group of eateries called 'khao galli', this is a cool place to hang out, then there are also some nice restaurants where you can chill. I love to watch the sunset while sipping coffee at café day which is just across the street, opposite promenade, facing the sea.

The best time to go to Carter road is at 5pm. The golden sun rays filtering through the skies creates magic moments on the waters at this time. You can sit on the bench facing the sea and watch the sun go down. The sky plays tricks changing from yellow to golden red and then to dark blue.

After sunset (or during if you prefer) its time for evening walk. There are hundreds of joggers marching across the path, some are deep in their own world(meditating?), some listening to music that is plugged into their ears, while others busy on mobile, chatting non-stop and then there are those just walking left, right, left, right as if they are in the army.

The promenade is the interesting path to walk. If you are tired of walking and need a breather, you can stop by 'dogger’s park' to watch the dogs share their buscuits within their elite group, excluding a stray dog, who might just admire them from outside the gate.

Or you could also watch the children play (on swings and slides) while their parents familiarize with each other discussing what new furniture, branded clothes or exotic baby food is suiting their whiz kids

Further up, there is an amphitheatre which is crowded during festivals when there are live shows.

or you can rest in the small, lush green park where you might also find some homeless people in deep stupor under the shade of the tree.

Carter Road is quite interesting place to have your evening walks.

The walk along the promenade is pleasant with cool breeze and you can walk during late hours too, since the place is well lighted up. At the end of the street there are enough food stalls to tempt your taste buds that can easily nullify the weight that you might have lost during your long walk.

Well, there is always a next day when you will promise yourself to be more disciplined, once again.

Till then walk on…..

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Carter Road has
changed so much,I now live in Toronto and grew up opposite Joggers park thats where my house was,I left carter road 27 years ago
and never went back again.I had the best time at Otters club and Joggers park.I just saw your Blog and wanted to comment on it but thankyou for taking me back the memory lane.

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