Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Jogger's Park in Bandra

My family and friends love to come to Bandra and admire the people here because everbody is so slim and attractive. and why not? are you wondering how? Actually, we have many venues where we can take care of ourselves without going to Gym (ok, ok, I agree, there are lotsa gyms too, but those are for elites or fitness freaks) but the common and wise people use promanades at Carter Road and at Bandstand and more..Shh!

it is Jogger's park..yeah! You enter the gates with just two rupee coin and you are transported into the world of bliss

while you jog, you can stop by the bird cage and see some beautiful variety of birds chirping and tweeting tunes

Or watch some bigger birds under the wooden bridge, floating on waters..

or admire the rock garden in the middle of the pond..ooops! the water was dried on the day I had decided to click some pictures..but nevermind, sometimes chalta hai..birds will understand....

for tired joggers there is a pole to lean on while you watch the sunset behind the trees

The red sky plays the magic to the scene....

Some exercise closer to the grass, rolling perhaps....

 while others choose the jogging tracks, concrete or mud will do..

Its the choice we make, we can walk closer to sea or watch the water behind the railing.

watching the waves at the shore is so very soothing.

and there are many couples who seek the privacy on the rocks. Each in their own world...thats the beauty of Jogger's park..

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