Thursday, 4 February 2010

Colorful Kala Ghoda Festival from 6th to 14 February

The statue of King Edward near Prince of Wales Museum, seated on a black horse, is there no more, but Kala Ghoda retains its name and it is the hub for creative talent. Artists, food connoisseurs, fashion designers, architecture buff, they all flock here.

This is the venue that comes alive in the month of February which attracts not only tourists and shoppers but also common people around Mumbai and other parts of India. It comes alive with Kala Ghoda Festival which you can enjoy from 6th February to 14th February 2010

A nine day extravaganza, 'The Kala Ghoda arts festival' sees Mumbai's Kala Ghoda Arts Society transformed into an open air exhibition space and stage show. This vibrant street festival includes arts and crafts exhibitions, seminars and workshops, dance and music, theater and literature, heritage walks, and special events for children.

According to your taste, you can station yourself at different venues. There are cultural dance shows, Bollywood music, hip hop, folk music and fashion shows at open air amphitheatre,  then there are various activities and workshops for children at parking lot and at Museum Garden, variety of film shows at Cama hall, Max Muellar or BNHS auditorium, literary events at David Sasson Library, theatre at NGMA Auditorium and classical and fusion music shows at Asiatic steps .

There are heritage walks and open-deck-bus rides too. And for those who like to feast their eyes, there are art installations, photograph exhibitions and street plays. Just check their schedule and plan your outing according to your interest.

The great thing about it is that it's all free!

Unless (of course) if you also want to shop and eat. Now, now, you didn't expect free food, or did you? But then that adds fun to your adventure too.

There are thousands of people attending this festival each day and most of them blog on their own page. Me too. For those who are not able to attend this festival , can still attend virtually, you can catch 2010 festival as it happens at caferati blog or you can follow them on twitter here

Previously, I had attended the festival and if you like what I blog then, you can visit my archives. I had blogged here and here.

And every year it is a different experience….and its fun to meet people who share your passion….of art and culture….Maybe I should bump into you this time...yeah..good idea....see you then……

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Varun said...

I was at this festival twice. Thanks for posting!

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