Friday, 9 April 2010

For artist who can read between lines

If you were there for Kala Ghoda Festival 2010 in Mumbai, you might have noticed the art installation at main square under the title ‘Mera Desh Mahaan’ A thought-provoking installation represents a dialogue with society about its values and disposition as a role model for today’s younger generation. That was work of artist Revati Sharma Singh, who believes, “Art is subjective. There can be nothing objective about it, either for the artist or the person looking at the artwork. The process mirrors life.”

"Revati is a sensitive artist who expresses her art through her conscience, A painter and installation artist, Revati’s simultaneously complex and detailed creations reflect sensitivity to urban alienation and cultural displacement.

Revati Sharma Singh can easily be described as one of India’s thinking artists. Her works provoke deep thought and make for a visual journey that inspires the mind’s eye. It’s in her atelier that she finds herself at peace and one with the issues that deeply concern her – they maybe the disintegration of our value systems or even the lines that divide us.

Her art lends itself to wholesome sentiments – sentiments that lighten or beset our daily life. This unique exhibition offers the viewer a sublime experience through works on canvas."

Between the Lines

"Lines form a basis of who we are.

When we think of lines, we probably think of lines that divide.

They may be borders which divide one country from another. They may be religion, dividing one home from another. They may be monetary distinction bringing the barrier between rich and poor.

There are a few lines, though not visible to the naked eye, are always present. It may include the lines in our relationships, the lines of caste and creed of colour and also the lines between truth and deceit.

Despite these divisions, there are lines that unite.

That may be an umbilical cord uniting a mother with her child. The heritage passes down to the next generation, uniting two generations. Though there are borders, there are also lines which connect one country to another. The lines on our palms define and create our destiny. Our bones fuse together to make the most complex forms – our bodies.

The most important lines may be that of communication, forming the basis of all different languages and dialects where love, peace and war mean the same thing in different languages to all the people."


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