Thursday, 22 April 2010

Mudra Dance Week

When I lived abroad, what I missed most were Indian dances which are so graceful and expressive, and with those costumes and make-up, the rhythm and grace, it gives a different kind of experience which cannot be matched with any Bollywood dances. During Indian festival, I would always suggest to the Indian community to organize an Indian cultural show with traditional dances and when there were visiting dancers from India, the show would be houseful.

But here in Mumbai, we are lucky. We have NCPA, where we can watch regular cultural shows and this week there is Mudra Dance week from 26th to 30th April 2010, which offers fascinating glimpse into the world of Indian Dances today.

The theme this year is ‘Stree’ (meaning Woman) in various styles from Manipuri to Nagiar Koothu, from Bharata Natyam to Kathak, reflecting the moods of woman in various ways. The performances range from seasoned to classical to contemporary.

April 26: Matrika (and other compositions) by Bimbavati Devi and Troupe. A leading Manipuri dance troupe presents the classical, folk and martial aspects of its art, including a significant paean in praise of the mother goddess, Matrika.

April 27: Sita Parityagam (The Abandoning of Sita) — Nangiar Koothu Recital by Kapila Nagavallikkunnel. An acclaimed Nangiar Koothu exponent interprets the moving story of Sita’s fire ordeal.

April 28: Amrutam — Bharata Natyam Recital by Lata Surendra. A sprightly Bharata Natyam dance group celebrates the verses of two great Indian women mystics: Andal and Meerabai.

April 29: Amrapali — Mohini Attam Recital by Neena Prasad. A well-known Mohini Attam dancer, committed to exploring the contemporary within the classical framework, focuses on Amrapali, the great courtesan and follower of the Buddha.

And finally, April 30: Devi — Kathak Dance Theatre Presentation by Purva Naresh and others. A dynamic young Kathak dancer-choreographer-actor and her team celebrate the Devi and her manifestations in the modern world.

Stop by NCPA and enjoy the bliss

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