Sunday, 23 January 2011

KalaGhoda Festival in Mumbai....Ready???

Yeah I plead guilty!

I have been too busy lately and have found not much time to update my blog. So sorry, but hey thanks for visiting, although I don’t know who is visiting me but just happy that you are there reading my rant….

leave your foot prints sometimes on my post na…. I only recieve spam comments and am forced to delete it. :((

But a great event is lined up in the month of February and I felt I must update…our favorite Kalaghoda festival is round the corner,..keep your walking shoes polished cause you will be needing them from febraury 5th to February 13th, a nine days event of thrills and drills.

Although the festival is more than 10 years old, in the initial years it was more by visual art crowd, but it became more popular when focus of festival changed and literature, theatre, culture and different types of art were added to this festival.

I attended my first festival in 2008 and had zimbly loved it. There were lots of workshops, film shows, art. culture, exhibitions, NGO art n craft stalls and ofcourse lots of food. I had enjoyed every moment and had blogged almost everyday during the month of February 2008 on my blog, my diaries can be found here at my blog on Ranting and Raving

Last year, I attended the Kala Ghoda festival and blogged about my day attending different stalls and later in the evening attending the panel discussion on food. It was quite enlightening and had collected lots of ideas.

This year too I wish to attend it but might not be able to attend all the days because of my other commitment..But, you don’t miss it….have fun….

The programs for the events will soon appear on their site…watch out for the programs….

And if you still don't know the venue have a look at this map,


Chandrika Kamath said...

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Megan fox said...

Very nice article...I like your blog lot..Pls daily update your site...

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