Thursday, 10 February 2011

IdliSambar on a bicycle

During my last trip in Spain, I met one Spanish lady who said, “People of Mumbai are very contented, and I know the secret of their happiness, I saw people eating all the time, everywhere there is if their tummy is full, they have tolerance to accept all the other discomfort.”

She was so very right.

The beauty of Mumbai is that the food in affordable and suits every palate. You only pay for ambience.

When you are in Mumbai, you will find street food everywhere and you might not miss this steaming hot Idli, Vada Samber being sold on a bicycle.

This hawker comes into my lane at 10am to 3pm everyday getting the limited supply of batter for making idlis, one container contains cooked lentil curry, and other container contains coconut chutney which is balanced on either side of his seat. There is steamer with the stove, bound to his cycle on the rear seat.

On the days, when I am too lazy to cook, I go downstairs and order a plate of this idli sambar. He serves four idlis, and four vadas, (all the size of tiny bangles that would fit an infant) covered with spoonful of lentil Sambar and a spoonful of coconut chutney. The hot idlis melts in the mouth immediately as soon as I roll my tongue and the pungent taste of sambar and chutney explodes with the fiery flavor which makes me want one more spoonful. With each plate costing just INR10, this is the cheapest breakfast I can have. Sometimes, I cook Chinese vegetables and just buy steamed idlis and they make a perfect combination.

Chinese vegetables with steamed idlis. Howzat?.


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Payoshni said...

stumbled here while searching for flamingos in sewri and i must say, u have a nice blog out here...commenting on this most specifically as i once spotted a 'mumbai Entrepreneur' (yeah they are a different breed altogther, very desrving of a name ! :) ) this ME was on a cycle, with a big tava placed in place of the backseat where he was making, steaming hot dosas...masala dosa at that (with the aalu bhaji & coconut chutney hanging in dabbbas on either side of the tava...How cool is that ???? :D

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