Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Travelling from South to North Mumbai

One of the biggest discomforts that one can experience in Mumbai is travelling by road. I rarely go to South Mumbai if I can help it but on those days when it is impossible to avoid, I normally take a train, unless I am too tired……

Then I am forced to take a Taxi.

The taxi fellow must be fed up too of driving through this crazy city, therefore when I tell him to take me to Bandra, he suggests sea-link. That will cost Rs50 extra for the toll. I must decide if I wish to go through one hour traffic jam or pay Rs50 and cover the same distance in ten minutes. The normal routes are crowded with buses, taxi, cars in great numbers and also the jay-walking pedestrians, who cross the streets randomly. Mumbai has lots of sky-walk, but hardly anybody uses it, because it’s too tiring to walk up two stories to walk comfortable. Had they installed lifts/escalators at each skywalk, it could have helped. Anyways, sea-link road was the ride I chose and was grateful for my wise decision.

The name "Bombay" was derived from 'Bom Bahia' (The Good Bay),

.... a name given by Portuguese sailor Francis Almeida, in 1508 ....“Bounce back Mumbai” it is called by the locals, it is a city that has been through a lot in the recent past – floods, bomb blasts, riots – and come out stronger each time.

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