Saturday, 4 February 2012

Walking down the Rampart Row during Kala Ghoda Festival in Mumbai 2012

Kala Ghoda Festival is back, a nine days festival when south Mumbai wears an artistic look.  This festival is the photographer’s delight, the whole street flashed with camera lights aimed at art installations along the street. This year, most of the installations are made from scrap materials, recycled, artistically molded into useful articles.

They have a page on FB, 'Like' it and know the details

I am truly fascinated by the ‘Think blue Beetle’ a car by Volkswegan which is created wholly out of scrap collected from various Think Blue clean-up drives, ranging from discarded mother boards, keyboards, disposed machinery parts, mobile phones, cans, plastic bottles, cassettes, wires etc. This was created by Haribaabu Natesaan – an artist who creates majestic art-pieces out of scrap’

People who were tired of walking sat opposite the amphitheatre waiting for the stage show to begin. It was early but the festival promises fully fledged entertainment with colorful performance of folk dance and music from different parts of Maharashtra.

Lined on either side of the road were stalls selling hand-crafted items that included clothes, jewelry, stationary, books etc. I was mainly attracted to one stall that makes furniture from tetra packs. Interesting, I liked this idea of collecting the tetra packs and recycling them to make furniture.

There is lots to see and lots to do, will go back again to catch more events. There is literature, films, theater, heritage walks, food and many thing more…..worth a dekho….

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