Friday, 18 May 2012

This Sunday, you can play with colors with Tata Housing at The Mumbai Wallbook

Some time ago, on September 2009, small group of special children and their well wishers had gathered at SBP School at Belapur,CBD to paint the building. They were not aware of what they were to paint but as soon as the paint boxes were opened and paint brushes given into their hands, their imagination ran wild and in four hours the school building donned an artistic look. There was much laughter in the building as children proudly pointed out at their colorful creations on the walls of the building.

Over the time, the wall project has taken place in many parts of Mumbai and each time it has been successful.

The first time I saw this wall project was in August2009, when I drove down the street of Tulsi pipe road and people had gathered there with paint and brushes in their hands, randomly painting the walls, what they created at the end of the day was spectacular. There was a freedom to express themselves in vibrant colors.

Here once again

Tata Housing Splashes Colour with the Mumbai Wallbook!

I am sure it will a fun event, what with excitement of creating  something picturesque out of nothing, that is the power of paint and imaginations…sounds good?

Want to be part of this event?

Register at       

 Artists can participate individually or in groups, and if you don’t like painting but are very interested in photography? Well you have a muse….all you will do is click, click and click…….

How often do you get to record the event, which changes colorful strokes by a minute?

Be there at Tulsi Pipe Road between Mahim and Dadar to see the graphics unfold

Wake up early on Sunday morning, on 20th May, the event starts at 7am.

 The Mumbai WallBook is an attempt by Tata Housing & Brand Promotions India Pvt. Ltd. to bring professional, amateur and budding artists on the same platform to showcase their skills and create a record for the longest wall painting.

 To know more about the event and for registrations please log on to   or contact08652675485, 08652674816

Twitter Hash Tag: #Mumbaiwallbook

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