Saturday, 21 July 2012

Must Visit BandStand at Bandra in Mumbai

BandStand in Bandra is a great place to enjoy the sea breeze. You can go at any time of the day and still feel good. The sound of the waves splashing on the rocks creates a soothing music to the ears. All my guest who come to visit me, I love to take them by this sea shore.

Walking on the promenade is a pleasure. During Bandra festival, there are different live shows and short films organized at amphitheater, that stands in the center of the promenade.

I have not been to the rocks but I often see adventurous people walk up to sink their feet in water, sometimes its dangerous especially when there is high tide.

During my last visit, I was surprised to see the new addition. A small patch of promenade has been renovated with beautiful street lights, a steel fence and ‘Walk the Stars’ patch.

There were hand prints and signature prints of famous Bollywood stars over that patch, A watchman was posted to prevent people from walking over the name-slabs.

There are also two Bollywood stars sitting there, do you recognize them?

People who visit this patch are amused by this and many sit on their lap and get a picture

If you visit this place during rainy season, you are sure to enjoy the freshly roasted corn, sprinkled with salt, red chilies and lime...Yum


Violet Jessy said...

Interesting to know about the lifestyle of Mumbai.

Chrish Corter said...

Very nice places. Really I like mumbai places. And also I like life style of Mumbai. Thank you for sharing about Places to see in Mumbai

Charles Mathew said...

wow such a beautiful places. The pictures clearly explain about the beauty of this place. Thank you. Places to visit in Mumbai

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