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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Touring the city - Part 1 South Mumbai

I am starting a series on touring the city of Mumbai. Will be posting one part of the city per week. Do give me your feedback on what interests you.

We start our Mumbai tour from South Mumbai. We will walk from V.T station to Prince Charles Museum.

V.T. station (Victoria Terminus) now known as C.S.T (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus)

CST is a popular railway station connecting Mumbai with the suburbs and with all parts of the country. Its Victorian-Gothic style of architecture has earned its ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESCO in 2004. The main architecture of the building reflects the design of 19th century; its style and ornamentation were acceptable to both Indian and European culture.

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 From CST, we walk towards D.N. Road (Dadabhai Naroaji). The structures, built in the boom years from 1885 to 1910, were allowed diverse styles, but under strict design control. It was mandatory for all buildings to be of same height as well as have an arcade opening up over the pavement.

Flora fountain is the big open space, is now called Hutatma Chowk or Martyr's Square to honor those who died in the tumultuous birth of Maharashtra State. Opposite the square you are likely to find rows of street book-shops that have rare collection of books.

The Gothic structure continues as you approach Kala Ghoda. This square becomes vibrant in the month of February when an art and cultural festival is held in this area. 

The kiosks selling art and craft materials, books, clothes line up on the either side of Rampart Row. There are street installations screaming a social message. There are talk shows and cultural shows at different venues around KalaGhoda.

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It is difficult to miss this famous Jahangir Art Gallery. It’s a main hub for painters and artist. There are exhibition halls for paintings and other art exhibits. A restaurant Samovar is known for its most economical and tasty cuisine.

Prince of Wales Museum now known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalya, houses approximately 50,000 exhibits of ancient Indian history as well as objects from foreign lands categorized primary into three sections: Art, Archaeology and Natural History.

To be continued……..

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Glittering Mumbai Will Dress up on 26th January.

Most of the visitors who come to Mumbai from abroad, want to do shopping. Their next interest is exploring street food of Mumbai or meeting Bollywood personalities.

And there are some who want to visit the places of interest. There is lots to do in Mumbai, there is never a moment of boredom. But exploring Mumbai is not one-day affair; one needs more than a week to get the true flavor of the city.

But most of my guest love to go to Gateway of India. The iconic monument, completed 100 years of its foundation has been a pride of the city and a symbol of the spirit and resilience of the city and its people. The open space surrounding this structure is very vibrant. There are short Tonga rides around this area. You can see many people sitting on the seawall and enjoying small snacks of roasted peanuts or bhel puri. Many go for longer boat rides and small cruise to enjoy the sea breeze.

This place will become even more interesting when it will get a visual makeover from Janaury 24th 2014. An advanced LED lighting system is in place. The joint initiative by Philips and MTDC will make the monument even more inspiring and vibrant for Mumbaikars and for the tourists who will visit us in future.

You can read up about the initiative, share your ideas, and see suggestions from others on You can also share your ideas on Facebook and Twitter using #MumbaiInANewLight. Select ideas will be read out at the lighting ceremony at the Gateway.

The lighting ceremony will also be live streamed on the microsite, Philips Lighting’s Facebook pages, and at select locations across the city.

Just waiting anxiously for January 26th to see the lighted monument. Will you be there??

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Two Farmer’s Markets In Mumbai This Sunday

Kavita Mukhis Farmer’s Market is quite popular in Mumbai city.. It made its maiden appearance at Nilgiri Gardens in Bandra, then shifted to another location at Hill Road and lately it is held regularly at the Maharastra Nature Park in Dharavi. There is fresh produce and few organic foods stalls, this is a perfect place to spend the Sunday mornings.

But this Sunday, Mumbai has another Farmer’s Market with the same name but a different host.  This one is helmed by cookbook author and restaurateur Karen Anand, who organizes similar events in Pune. She will have her event on December 1st at The Westin Mumbai Garden City of Goregoan.

What is interesting about this Farmer’s Market is that it is on a bigger scale, with more hours, (10am to 7pm) because in addition to a season produce by Trikaya Agriculture and Vrindavan Farms, there are many more things by well know brands.

Some of the produces that you may find at Goregoan are fresh fruit juices, kitchen props and tableware. There will also be stalls by Bandra Café Piccoli Tortini, Punjab Grill, Bandra Sandwich shop, Versovas casual dining restaurants Jam Jar Diner, dessert caterers such as Icing On Top, The Vanilla Bean and Cheesecake Republic and wineries such as Sula, Myra and Charosa.

So it looks like more of a food festival to spend a day with family and friends. All you need is an empty shopping basket and pocket full of cash.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Mumbai International Literature Festival

Fourth Chapter of Lit Fest Live in Mumbai starts today.

More than 120 writers and thinkers are expected to participate during its four days at NCPA theatres.

There are workshops like ‘How Not To Write a Play’, ‘Illustrating Stories’, ‘Writing Books That Make Children Laugh’, and many more.

Those interested in panel discussion or debates can spend a perfect evening at different venues at NCPA.

There are some interesting theatre performances too.

Tall Tales’ is an interesting event where people relate their personal stories.

Mr Jeejabhoy and the birds, a play about the wonders of our city and the world seen through the eyes of young children

The Tin Ring a play about the uplifting quality of love, even when faced with immense adversity

Arthur Miller, an actor’s Godsend, is a talk show by Alyque Padamsee relating why Arthur Miller is such a great playwright, interspersed with scenes.

How to skin a giraffe, is based on Georg Buchner’s comedy Leone and Lena, has all the ingredients of Bollywood film. It is beautifully told using imagination, music and evolving set design.

And of course some live events like ‘book awards’ too.

Catch up all the details at

The name "Bombay" was derived from 'Bom Bahia' (The Good Bay),

.... a name given by Portuguese sailor Francis Almeida, in 1508 ....“Bounce back Mumbai” it is called by the locals, it is a city that has been through a lot in the recent past – floods, bomb blasts, riots – and come out stronger each time.

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