Saturday, 29 December 2007

January 20th 2008 is the day to remember.

It is the day when Mumbaikars will witness ‘The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon’, thus putting Mumbai on the international sporting map as one of the must visit marathon destination in the world.

A maximum of 3000 running places are on offer for the Full Marathon, while 8000 places will be available for the Half Marathon. The Dream Run will accommodate 14,000 participants and 3000 places are reserved for the Corporate Challenge. 2500 entries will be permitted in the Senior Citizens' Run, while 300 entries will be accepted for the Wheelchair Event, making the total number of participants around 30,000.

"We are very pleased to be soon celebrating five years of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. This is a remarkable achievement for all the people of Mumbai whose participation, support and contribution in a myriad of ways make the marathon what it is today," said Neeraj Swaroop, CEO - Standard Chartered Bank

"The charity aspect of the marathon continues to be a humbling source of pride for us. Your generosity makes the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon the largest platform for raising funds for charity. Over 7.94 crore was raised in the 2007 edition benefiting over 144 NGOs.

"We are also proud to have launched an environmental initiative called 'Race for a living planet' as part of our four marathons relay, the Greatest Race on Earth. The initiative encourages people to select and undertake up to eight pledges to save the planet. There is an additional USD1 million to be won by countries with the most number of pledges per capita. Pledging can be done on," he added.

Already the richest marathon in Asia, the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon will now offer an enhanced prize fund of USD 240,000, an increase of USD 10,000 over what was on offer last year. The increase in prize money is keeping with the stature of the even, tagged as among the top ten marathons in the world.

The race categories for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2008 will be as follows: Full Marathon (42.195km); Half Marathon (21.097km); Dream Run (6km); Sr. Citizens' Run (4.3km) and the Wheelchair Event (2.5km).

The Corporate Sporting Challenge, a relay race involving teams of 6 runners, each runner covering an approximate distance of 7 km to finish the full marathon, met with an encouraging response last year and will be one of the major attractions for serious runners in the corporate field.

The Corporate Sporting Challenge, along with the Corporate Challenge, the Dream Team and the Pledgers United are the vehicles that drive charity, one of the most important and positive initiatives of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. The 2007 edition saw approximately Rs 8 crore being raised by people for various causes of their choice. Every edition of the event has seen a marked increase in the amount being raised towards charity and 2008 should be no exception. Responsibility for the same lies with GiveIndia, the official Charity Partner, who manages the entire exercise.


Monday, 3 December 2007

Plays during the month of December in Mumbai

Venue: Prithvi Theatre, 20 Janki Kutir, Juhu Church roadm Juhu Contact for tickets: 26149546

4th December at 9 pm
Ends & Beginnings - The story is Based on Samuel Beckett's 'Endgame'. Directed by Vivek Narayan.

6th December at 9pm
Prithvi Theatre is organising a Hindi play titled ‘Chhalia. A Brillent Social Satire With Enough Dose of Entertainment.
8th December at 6pm
Bikhre Bimb - The twenty-first century is the age of the electronic image.

11th December at 9pm
Mastana Rampuri Urf, Chappa Chhuri - Play. In the by lanes of Agripada, Mastana Rampuri Urf, Chappa Chhuri, a small time gangster with an eye for the women, rules the roost.

15th December at 6pm
Kanyadaan - An award winning play that explores the texture of modernity and social change in India through the forces this marriage unleashes.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

“Kotak Worldkids International Film Festival” in Mumbai from November 30,

Adlabs, at Wadala will screen and host Mumbai's first-of-its kind children's film festival targeted at 8-18 year olds. World Kids Foundation will be promoting the festival while P9-Cinema Activation will be marketing the event.

Some of the multi-award winning films which will be showcased during the festival are Red like the Sky( Italy) Hayat-(Iran,) Heda Hoda- (India,) Magnifico –( Phillipines,) An Inconvenient Truth – (USA,) Charkh- (Iran,) Summer with the Ghosts- (Canada) Pinky & Million Pug – (Germany,) Halo – (India,) Malli – (India,) Bonkers –( Holland) and Benji – (USA )

Explaining the reason behind initiating such a move, Festival Director Manju Singh said, "Our endeavor is to engage the children of India with positive media images and inspire them into thinking and learning while having a good time entertainment with a Purpose is the Foundations mantra."

'The Kotak WKIFF aims to introduce the present generation to different cultures and languages to establish the universality of human values and experiences.'
The organizers also aim to provide a platform to young and talented directors to reach a wider audience at the festival, said Vijay Kalantri, chairman of the WKIFF advisory board.

The festival director also said at the function that WKIFF will become an annual event and would travel across the country with establishing itself as an international film festival of repute.

'Worldkids will also create the 'Worldkids Clubs' with children members, who can avail exciting offers to watch films produced, distributed by Worldkids or showcased at WKIFF,' Singh added.

The weeklong 'Kotak Worldkids International Film Festival' (WKIFF) will be held in association with private sector lender Kotak Mahindra Bank, Godrej Interio, BPL Mobile, AIAI, Ryan International School, Adlabs, P9 Integrated and with the support of Maharashtra government's department of culture, Children's Film Society of India (CFSI) and Times Foundation.


Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Please Walk! It is a Car Free Day on 25th November in Bandra

A Car Free Day is an event organized in different places in different ways, but with the common goal of taking a fair number of cars off the streets of a city or some target area or neighborhood for all or part of a day, in order to give the people who live and work there a chance to consider how their city might look and work with a lot fewer cars.

On 25th November 2007, Banda will be observing a car free day and every one is requested to use the public transport for emergency, cycle or walk the small distance and help in reducing the polution in the suburbs.

Everyone who would want to be involved with the car free Bandra campaign can call the Radio City Breakfast Show between 7am and 11am and they will be put on air to say their piece.

The number for them to call is: 6696 9191

They can also send an SMS to BFM (with their name and message) to 54646

Alternatively, they can email at shawnf@myradio

It would increase the income of auto drivers, decrease pollution- Noise and Air. Of course there would be emergencies like hospitals and drops and pick ups for people traveling and out of Bandra/Mumbai.

We cannot force people to not use their cars. But thought it's worth a try to see if it's possible.


Friday, 16 November 2007

Celebrate Bandra 2007

Watch video celebration of "Celebrate Bandra here

Starting from 17th November, Bandra will be host to people of other suburbs as it showcases its talents in ‘celebrate Bandra’ and this year’s theme is “Harking Back to Heritage”.

But it isn’t only the built heritage that Bandra celebrates this year. As much as the buildings, it is the living heritage – a remembrance of times past – that distinguishes Bandra as the most happening suburb. There are memories and images of residents and artistes that will be celebrated with élan this year.

Both Heritage and Literary Heads will feature old residents reminiscing about times past – “All Our Yesterdays”. These will take place in Pioneer Hall on St John Baptist Road, a quaint former tobacco factory, which will soon be converted into a restaurant.

The first festival celebrated Amit Chaudhuri, the Kolkata-based poet and writer who once lived on St Cyril Road and has a book of poems under that name. This year Nalini Jones, whose mother hails from Bandra and now lives in the US, has published her debut book What You Call Winter (Alfred Knopf), a collection of short stories set in the imaginary suburb of Mumbai called Santa Clara. She will read at Pioneer Hall. That’s living heritage for you.

In particular, Bandra has nurtured some of the finest artistes when it comes to Western music. Their legacy will be explored – often, through their next of kin and pupils.

Celebrate Bandra will stage a musical called, simply, “Jazz”, written by Ramu Ramanathan and directed by Etienne Coutinho, who brought the house down last festival with a spoof called “The Ballad of Bandora”. The musical is based on the contribution that celebrated musicians like Chick Chocolate and Sebastian D’Souza made to the evolution of jazz in the country as a whole and how their tunes filtered into Bollywood films.

Somewhat ironically, although Pali Hill has so often been dubbed the Beverly Hills of Mumbai, the celluloid sister of Los Angeles, film hasn’t received the attention it deserves in previous festivals. We are making up for that lapse this year.

The last festival, in 2005, saw the commissioning of “Where’s Sandra?”, eminent documentary film-maker Paromita Vohra’s spoofy take on the quintessential girl from Bandra who’s now mostly mythical and exists only in our nostalgic minds. This time Celebrate Bandra will premiere a half-hour film called “Romson & Juliana” – with profuse apologies to the Bard – written and directed by Rohan Sabharwal and Andrew Fernandes.

The script begins with the beguiling lines: “Set in 21st century Bandra, this comical film explores forbidden love between the heirs of two feuding houses on Waroda road. A very petty squabble in the year 1995 turned into something that would, for over a decade, disturb the peace and tranquility of this very dormant neighborhood.”

A short film with a Bandra theme has also been commissioned, chosen out of a competition among media students. It’s called “Finding Bandra” and has been made at breakneck speed – in just a month – by Abhay Kumar, a student from the Xavier Institute of Communications.

A highlight of this year’s festival – we are tempted to christen it “Bandra with a Haat”! – promises to be a Shopping Fest on Hill Road and Linking Road, where shopkeepers decorate their premises and offer special discounts to those who venture inside. And it will literally prove music to the ears of shoppers who will be serenaded by balladeers and street performers, lest they drop before they shop!

As part of the festivities of the Bandra Festival, watch some interesting films being screened.
Date- Nov 19
Time: 6.30 pm onwards
Venue: Bandra Bandstand Promenade

Bheja Fry
A journey on Bandra's Heritage
Animated film on the changing face of Bandra

Date- Nov 22
Time: 6.30 pm onwards
Venue: Reclamation PromenadeMovie:
Romson and Juliana
Bollywood in Bandra

Date: Nov 25
Time: 6.30 pm onwards
Venue: Carter Road Promenade
Bheja Fry
Romson and Juliana
Finding Bandra

Date: Nov 28
Time: 6.30 pm onwards
Venue: Reclamation Promenade
A journey on Bandra's Heritage
Animated film on the changing face of Bandra
Honeymoon Travels PVT Ltd.

Jazz Utsav

From : 23-11-2007
Till : 24-11-2007
Venue : Bandra Amphitheatre
Time : 7.00 pm - 10.00 pm

For all Jazz Lovers this year's Jazz Utsav promises to be a treat. With an excting line - up of global bands featuring Paula Jeanine, Sascha Ley, Cafe Du Sport, Chet Baker Tribute and our very own Martin Dahanukar and Loius Banks, get set to have a musical treat.

Being part of the Bandra festival this year, entry to Jazz Utsav is free!

Venue: Bandra Amphitheatre
Bandra Bandstand,


Saturday, 10 November 2007

Marathon 2008 to be held in Mumbai In January

Are you taking part in the Marathon> Registration for participation in Marathon has started.
Registration Start Date: Friday, November 9, 2007
Registration End Date: Friday, November 30, 2007 or as soon as running places are filled, whichever is earlier
Collection of Running Numbers: Wednesday, January 16 to Saturday 19. 2008

"If you want to run, then run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon" -- Emil Zatopek, long distance legend who won the 5000 m, 10000m and the marathon at the Olympic Games (1952).

The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon was conceptualized to provide thousands of Mumbaikars and Indians with an opportunity to experience a different life. The statistical growth of the event, along with an upsurge in its profile, has necessitated certain changes and in its fourth year now, a bouquet of initiatives have been planned to further strengthen its claim as Asia's largest marathon.

Day to mark on your calender Race Day: Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Spirit of Mumbaikars.....

Everybody turns a blind eye whenever they see an illegal construction. In Mumbai, we see illegal constructions; illegal slum dwellers, illegal shops and common man can do nothing but just walk blindly

But what can one person do? If I see a poor family spread a sheet of cloth on an open space. What can I do? Should I drive them away? But then, where will they go? They obviously have no home therefore they are on the road. A cop may come with his rod and try to shoo them away but the squatters are back again, the very next day. This time, with a bigger group and they decide to share some of their smiles and earnings with the cop and melted cop decides to turn a blind eye too. Very soon, wall is built, then the roof and then more friend and more walls, and before you realize there is a group of families living in that open space, stealing electricity and water supply from the neighborhood.

And the common people like me will say “‘What can I do?”

In Mumbai you see many police chowkies mushrooming all over the city. When I saw them for the first time, I was quite impressed by their architecture, not realizing that they were built illegally without any permission for construction of such outpost. But how were they initially allowed to build such illegal chowkies? Don’t they have some kind of plan or paper work to do before they decide to build?
What can one really do when police themselves are corrupt and when confronted they will shameless say “People like you require permission, but for the police there are no such rules.”

Recently, Mumbai has seen the power of one that has brought embarrassment to the entire police force. Indur Chhugani, a resident of Khar, has extracted a High Court order that has sought action against the all the police outposts that have come up in various corners of Mumbai without any permission

Chhugani argued that not only were the chowkies illegal, but they had even managed to secure illegal water and electricity connections. He then sought information on the sponsors for the outposts, as many were built with the funds provided by builders and businessmen. He was surprised that the home department didn’t know about who had financed the construction of such beat chowkies. “Even the home department had washed its hands off the issue,” he states.

Justice Patel and Justice Amjad Sayed directed the chief secretary (home) to rectify the irregularities pointed out in the PIL and file a compliance report by January 9, 2008.

Public prosecutor Satish Borulkar has told HC the 269 chowkies that did not have permission from the BMC will either be regularized or demolished. Nameplates of chowky sponsors will be removed in the next 30 days.

It is time the citizens organize themselves and form watchdog committees in every police station area. Every body has right to information and if every citizen is alert and united, a power can be build to fight corruption. One person alone cannot do anything.

When a group of people successfully operate and nurture an illegal dream, a committee of caring citizens should shed their timid attitude towards disgusting conduct of the police, the bureaucrats and the judiciary…………….. and fight for a change.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Prithvi theatre brings back the musical for festival 2007

1st to 11th November in Mumbai

Prithvi Theatre has done a U-turn and gone right back to the musical traditions of theatre.

The Prithvi Theatre Festival, which is now in its 29th year, will feature 12 new productions, some of which will be premiering at the fest. As always the festival will be supported by other allied events such as platform performances, discussions and a lecture-demonstration.

I am planning to go for Aisa Kehta Hai on 7th November from 6pm to 9:30, Babuji (Tale of Showman) on Saturday 3rd November at 11am and Girija ka Sapna on Monday 5th November from 6pm to 9:30.

The theatre now has an active where you can get all updated information about their plays and events.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Plan for artisans village set in motion in Navi Mumbai

Work on a proposed artisans village on the lines of the Dilli Haat at Pen in Raigad district has begun in right earnest.

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) commissioner Ratnakar Gaikwad said the agency was in the process of acquiring 100 acres of land in Pen and would develop it as a site which will house artisans who will produce local handicrafts to sell to tourists.

Dilli Haat is a combination food plaza and craft bazaar located in the heart of Delhi. Dilli Haat has stalls representing each State of India, giving complete variety of tastes available all over India. There are also stalls of crafts from all over India, and from a variety of cultural traditions of India. There is a nominal entrance fee to shop at Dilli Haat

Unlike the traditional weekly market, the village Haat, Dilli Haat is permanent. Some shops are permanent but other sellers are rotatated, usually for fifteen days. Products offered may include rosewood and sandalwood carvings, embellished camel hide footwear, sophisticated fabric and drapery, gems, beads, brassware, metal crafts, and silk and wool fabrics. Shows promoting handicrafts and handlooms are held at the exhibition hall in the complex. To sell wares, there is an application process and spaces are allocated according to which state the seller is from.

The artisanal village concept was discussed at a meeting of an MMRDA think tank on Saturday. The Think Tank system has been introduced recently at the MMRDA to encourage department heads and planners to brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas for projects.

Gaikwad said the village will be developed as a growth centre to help artisans and other people in the surrounding region. He pointed out that Pen was a traditional centre for crafts, famous for artisans known for making idols of Ganapathy which are sold all over the country. “There is a rich tradition of folk arts and craft in the region which has to be explored and encouraged,’’ said Gaikwad.

The Dilli Haat, on which the proposed artisanal village is based, is an upgraded version of the traditional weekly market, offering a wide mix of crafts, food and cultural activities. Stalls are allotted on a rotational basis to craftsmen from all corners of India who showcase paintings, metalware, terracotta, jewellery, lac and glass bangles, leatherware, textiles, pottery and puppets.

“A food plaza is one of the main attractions of the Dilli Haat which enables visitors to savour the inimitable flavours of different regional foods. The stalls offer a wide choice of ethnic food which is clean, hygienic and reasonable priced,’’ said MMRDA officials.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

16th Annual Exhibition Cum Sale Cum Mini Fun Fair

An exhibition cum sale of handicraft articles made by vocational section of Swami Brahmanand Pratisthan, centre for Mentally Challenged will be held in the school.
On Saturday, November 3, 2007
Time: 10:30am - 7:00pm

Location: Nav-Shanti, Plot no 7, Sec-8A
Street: Artist Village, CBD, Navi Mumbai
City/Town: Mumbai, India

Contact Info Phone: 02227573961

Sunday, 21 October 2007

A Concert titled 'Dhawak Utsav' of Indian classical music is organized

on 27th October 2007, at Prabhadevi , Ravindra Natya Mandir, 7.30 pm Open Foyer, featuring the eminent artistes viz

-Farhan Khan (Sitar) & Jayateerth Mevundi (Vocal)...

This year ‘Sharad Poornima’ is on 25th October 2007.

The night of Sharad Poornima holds its own significance.It is believed that on this night the Moon showers on the earth ,the cool nectar of peace along with the eternal nourishing power.It makes the mind peaceful and reduces the effect of 'pitt', one should acquire this important moonlight on this night .

Maharishi Ved Vyasji in 'Shrimad Bhagwat ' in the 10th episode has described the night of 'Sharad poornima' as the night of the Raasotsav(raas celebrations)of the incarnation of Lord Krishna on the earth, because unlike the moon showering the cool nectar Lord Krishna too, showered 'Bhakti ras ' on the earth.thousands of fortunate Gopis enthrilled themselves by enjoying the bhakti ras in the accompaniment of the Yogehwar Lord Krishna ,the memory alone of this event fills the hearts of the devotees with love for the lord.

The day of Sharad poornima is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Brij.It is also believed to be the day of manifestation of Swami Kartikeya.

On this day Poha (puffed rice ) made from new rice along with Kheer ,a sweet dish made of milk and rice is prepared and left in the moonlight and then consumed ,gold ornaments are also placed in the vessel used to cook this kheer , this kheer is kept in the moonlight between 9pm and 12pm .One should never add raisins in any of the milk preparations,though cashew nuts and charoli can be added .The prasad thus prepared should be taken after the satsang and performing pooja, jap dhyaan with the feeling of gaining good health ,self cool and prosperity.

White puffed rice , white milk,white sugar and also the moonlight being white in colour ....hence this occassion can also be called 'Dhawal Utsav' where dhawal means white .

The moon is very close to the earth on this day and its bright rays has its own curative properties,the rays fall on the food or drinks that are consumed,and help in curing the disorder of Pitt avoids many other trivial diseases and makes the body healthy.

Listening to Indian classical music is also believed to be a part of satsang and dhyaan


Friday, 19 October 2007

What you doing in Mumbai this week-end?

Tom Alter's theatre company has put up a short festival of plays that will play out at the Mysore Association, Matunga (E) till 22nd October 2007.

Choreographer and dancer Shiamak Daver's production titled BOMBAY Black will play this weekend at Prithvi Theatre.

Preview for Bombay Black

Prithvi Theatre, Juhu Oct 21 at 09:00 PM

Also slated for this weekend are the Bombay Theatre Company's shows of Sam Bobrick's ANNOYANCE at the NCPA.

Preview for annoyance
NCPA Theatre, Nariman Point Oct 21 at 06:30 PM Source:

Saturday, 13 October 2007

The society collections where Art meets Style

12th to 15th October
World Trade Centre
from 10am to 8pm
Entry fee Rs40/-

This week-end, there is life style exhibition with a difference where you can unleash your lifestyle. On the display are the collection of some suave and vibrant collections of Indian Art and Crafts and range of personal and home products, hand picked from all over country that includes artifacts in silver, glass and metal.

It is perfect destination to shop for gifts during this festive season.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

October 17 and October 18 2007 is the day when you can ‘Stand up’ and ‘Speak out’

'STAND UP' to make a difference in somebody’s life.

'SPEAK OUT' for the Achievement of the Millennium development Goals,

STAND UP & Be Counted: SPEAK OUT & Be Heard

‘Phalguni’ is an vocational training program at the Swami Brahmanand Pratisthan, Centre for Mentally, Mumbai.

In this event, we bring awareness about the talents/skills of the mentally challenged Children and about vocation training programs that help them earn their livelihood. We invite people to sponsor such programs. We also invite people to become well-wishers of this school; thereby, they can get involved in all activities planned by the school and also help in promoting the welfare of the students.

A visit to this school is planned on Oct 17, 2007. A tour inside the school is arranged to understand the functioning of the school and also a display of artifacts created by the students shall be on sale. Please support this event. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Thank You

Pushpa Moorjani
Swami Brahmanand Pratisthan
Centre for Mentally Challenged

Sunday, 7 October 2007

October 17th is the day you can mark on your calendar

It is the day which will be celebrated in over 100 countries, the day to stand up and speak out against poverty and inequality. It is the day to demand that the governments keep their promise to eradicate poverty by 2015.

From workers to students, women’s groups to community groups, people will call on political leaders to deliver more and better aid to the poorest nations, implement fairer trade conditions, cancel debt, and ensure gender equality as well as greater transparency and accountability from their governments.

They will speak through music, political meetings and using banners, A new piece of choral music, The Poverty Requiem, will be performed in a global chain of performances in over 25 countries. Delegations will meet politicians to present their demands to end poverty and on four continents International Women's Tribunals on Poverty will be held to raise awareness of gender issues. Elsewhere, groups are making giant Banners Against Poverty with messages for leaders and later linking these on key global mobilization dates.

Events are being planned in over 100 countries. These will range from major rallies and concerts to gatherings in school assemblies, town halls and refugee camps. Participants will be asked to register for the Guinness challenge in the 24-hour period from 9pm GMT on October 16th to 9pm GMT on October 17th.

For more information visit

Monday, 1 October 2007

2nd October is no longer just an important day to celebrate Gandhiji’s Birthday.

It is now the day on which people across the globe will observe the United Nations Day of Non-Violence.

All the peace-loving citizen of Mumbai will be celebrating tha Peace-mela today at Horniman circle/Asiatic Library space.It is the day on which People will observe the United Nations Day of Non-violence. This is being celebrated in mumbai with an evening dedicated to creative expressions of the striving for peace through music, song, poetry, dance, drama, films and more.

The youth of Mumbai will be invited to participate through showcasing their creative work - poems, prose pieces, posters, photographs etc.– all on the theme of peace. The Horniman Garden area will be used to display poems, photographs and prose pieces that people have sent in.


The Programme (almost final)

Max Mueller Bhavan

2.00 to 7.00
Film Festival

Horniman Circle Stage

5.00 to 5.15
Kabir songs
Shekhar Sen

5.15 to 5.35
Drama Monologue
Iqbal Niyazi

5.35 to 5.45
Urban folk songs
Susmit Bose

5.45 to 6.15
Children’s programmes incl. singing of ‘Imagine
Khoj ( Teesta Setalvad’s Children’s group)
Raell Padamsee’s Children’s Group

6.15 to 7.00
Poetry and prose readingin various languages
Arundhathi Subramaniam, Atul Tiwari, Javed Akhtar, Jerry Pinto, Manisha Lakhe, Menka Shivdasani, Ranjit Hoskote, Rohinton Daruwala and others

Asiatic Library Stage

7.30 to 8.00
Instrumental Music
Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan

8.00 to 8.15
Changeover time

8.15 to 8. 45
Jagjit Singh

8.45 to 9.00

9.00 to 9.20
Jazz, Blues & Soul Songs on the theme of peace
Vivienne Pocha & Merlin D’ Souza

9.20 to 9.30
Changeover time
Lighting of candles/ all artists on stage

9.30 to 9.40
‘Give Peace a Chance’Peace Pledge
Devieka and all artists

Source: for peace

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Mumbai City Erupts with Joy

Mumbai was going crazy today. First of all it had been pouring all morning and had jeopardized my own program. I had to visit my school for the latest updates, but I was too afraid to venture on the wet streets and too afraid of a fall on a slippery road. But this rain did not deter the frenzy of the cricket fans who were bathing on the road under the heavy rains and waiting for the glimpse of the new cricketers who had made a history after 25 years by bringing home the world cup for India, and this comes just after people of India had begin to give up on this sport and were looking at empty barrels because of the poor performance of the endorsement-winning cricketers.

If you were in Mumbai today, you would wonder whether Mumbai is (really) always on the ‘move’. Today the Mumbai city had come to a ‘standstill’. People had shut their shops, student had bunked their colleges, housewives were not busy in their kitchens, and everybody was there (in great numbers) on Mumbai roads, waiting for a glimpse of our new, young heroes. I decided to watch it ‘live’ on TV and saw the road leading from Sahara airport to the Wankhede stadium dotted with cricketer fans; you could see them dancing, playing drums and singing ‘Chak de India’ songs.

The motorcade moved through Mumbai streets following the route via Bandra, Mahim, Haji Ali, Marine drive to the Wankhede Stadium and it took cricketers five and half hours to reach the stadium where the award winning ceremony was to take place and all the fifteen crickets were standing on the top of the open-air bus and waving to the crowd through out their journey.

The stadium was also full to its brim with no breathing space and they received a warm welcome from the cheering crowd of nearly fifty thousand audience. This was the first ever ‘20-20 World Cup’ and it was the historical moment of the cricket victory that nobody would want to miss. It was the reception that India has never witnessed before and will be remembered for a very long time. The ceremony was flagged off with the opening speech by Sharad Pawar, the president of the BCCI.

The players were honored with prize money of eighty lakhs per person, a shawl, bouquet and a gift (a silver plate).

Dhoni was very much impressed by the attitude of the fans and he realized that winning the match is not important only to the cricketers but also important to people of India and he promised to give his one hundred percent performance for every match. He thanked his team players who gave their best performance and promised that they would play the match as it was supposed to be play…play to win…..

What was disgraceful was that during the ceremony, the politician occupied the front row with only Dhoni sitting with BCCI official, while rest of the players occupied the back row and I was wondering who the real heroes were?

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Loquations (Talking poetry in Bombay)

October and November 2007

NOTE: Jane Bhandari is out of India from 6th October to end November. Loquations meetings will take place during this period at The Fourth Floor Gallery, Kitab Mahal, DN Road (near VT.)

'Re-Loquations' meets to read and discuss poetry on the first and third Tuesdays of the month from 6-8pm.

The first part of the meeting will be devoted to reading and discussing selected poems. These poems may be used as a trigger for your own poetry. Members’ poems will be read and critiqued in the last part of the meeting. There will be a short tea-break before this session.

September 25th (at 162, Sainara)Poetry in Hindi movies: looking at the lyrics and poetry of Gulzar, Javed Akhtar, and others. Presented by Shashikant Sawant.

October 2nd (at 162, Sainara)Narrative Poems: Poetry was originally used to tell stories, often of the exploits of heroes. Jane Bhandari looks at narrative poems spanning the centuries.

October 16th (at 4th Floor Gallery)Marathi poet Dahsar: presented by Shashikant Sawant:

November 6th (at 4th Floor Gallery)Poets and painters: presented by Shashikant Sawant

November 20th (at 4th Floor Gallery)
Walcot and Eliot: verse dramas. presented by Gitanjali Dang.

The Loquations bulletin publicises other poetry events. If you wish your event to be included in next month’s programme please let me know by 25th of the current month. Bulletins are sent out at the beginning of the month, or as separate emails if too late to be included in the bulletin.

Programme updates and coordination:
Jane Bhandari--------------- 98208 22291

Shashikant Sawant---------9821785618


Monday, 24 September 2007

25th September, plan activities near your home…unless..

you wish to be the part of the festival and go to the beach to witness the spectacle…..

The traffic arrangement for Ganpati Visarjan have been made, lots of traffic jam is expected on the road, for safe journey you could check the details of traffic status at Traffic arrangements in Mumbai city

Saturday, 22 September 2007

October 2nd, Gandhi's birthday

is being celebrated for the first time this year as the UN Day of Non-Violence.

Citizens for Peace, a Bombay-based NGO, is organizing a Peace Mela at Horniman Circle and the Asiatic Library steps on the evening of the 2nd, with performances by a variety of artists in different fields.

The United Nations General Assembly had decided on 15th June 2007, to observe the International Day of Non-Violence each year on 2 October – the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, who helped lead India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.

Introducing the resolution adopted by the 192-member body, Anand Sharma, India’s minister of State for External Relations, said the idea originated at an international conference on “Peace, Non-Violence and Empowerment – Gandhian Philosophy in the 21st Century” convened in New Delhi in January this year.

The late leader’s “novel mode of mass mobilization and non-violent action” brought down colonialism, strengthened the roots of popular sovereignty, of civil, political and economic rights, and greatly influenced many a freedom struggle and inspired leaders like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr., Mr. Sharma stated.

The Assembly, “desiring to secure a culture of peace, tolerance, understanding and non-violence,” invited States, UN bodies, regional and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and individuals to commemorate the Day, including through education and public awareness.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

POETRY at PEN for September 24th 2007

Time: 6.15 pm
Place: Theosophy Hall (3rd floor), 40 New Marine Lines, Churchgate, Bombay 400 020

Poetry@PEN is a platform for the celebration of poetry, its practice,understanding and enjoyment. A newly launched feature of the PEN All-India Centre, it aims to present voices both emergent and established, host discussions of craft and concept, and create spaces of encounter that are reading, workshop and master-class in equal measure.

This edition of Poetry@PEN, features readings from their own work by two Bombay-based poets: VIVEK TANDON and MANISHA LAKHE .

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Ganpati Festival starts on 15th September

Mumbai is all dressed up with lights and mandaps (pavilions) for the arrival of Ganpati festival which is to begin on 15th September and will last for 10 days.

The annual festival in honor of Ganpati, the elephant-headed deity who is the remover of obstacles and the God of auspiciousness, been has observed for last 250 years

It is a community-based enterprise. Subscriptions are collected on behalf of a residential area, market, or organization for the purchase of large idols of Ganesh, which are then placed on pavilions and made the object of collective worship. Various song and parties are attached to each pavilion.

The festival is observed for ten days, and the immersions of the deity are carried out over the last twenty-four hours of the festival, and the honor of the last immersions, when immense crowds are gathered, falls to the most well known or affluent communities.

The Ganpati festival is an extraordinary testimony to the public place of religion in Indian life.

Friday, 31 August 2007

Bhau Daji Lad Museum

Housed in the verdant Victoria gardens, which is now named as the Rani Jijamata Udyan (Rani Bagh), Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum owes its name to Dr. Bhau Daji Lad who devoted his life to this museum.

This 135-year-old Bhau Daji Lad Museum at Byculla Zoo has been restored by National Trust for Arts and Culture Heritage. It had bagged the UNESCO Award of Excellence in 2005.

Victoria & Albert Museum is the oldest museum in Mumbai built in 1872. Now renamed as Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, this is the place where you could find great many archaeological relics, maps and photographs that relate directly to Mumbai's history. The museum is a rich repository of some the most valuable articles relating to Industrial and Agricultural interest.

Among the cherished collections worth a peek are clay models, costumes, finely wrought silver and copper ware etc. The museum has some of the rare photographs of old Bombay and evidences from colonial past of India.

You could plan a visit to the museum on any day from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm, except on important public holidays when it is closed.


Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Watch out for Dahi-Handi Festival in Mumbai

On September 3rd and 4th.A must-watch-place to watch out for is Dahi-handi festival in Thane. Maharastra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has joined hands with Sangharsh, a Thane-based NGO, to promote Dahi handi fest as the Govinda Festival.

Dahi Handi festival is a popular ceremony, celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and glee. Dahi Handi is an enactment of Lord Krishna's efforts to steal butter from Matka (earthen pot) suspended from the ceiling.

Dahi Handi generally takes place on the second day of Janmashtami. An earthen pot containing a mixture of milk, dry fruits, ghee is hung around 20-30 feet high in the air with the help of a rope. Silver coins are hung along with the rope, which are later distributed as prize to the winners. Enthusiastic young men, form a human pyramid by standing one on top of the other, trying to break the pot. Onlookers throw water on the young men in order to prevent them from breaking the pot. Breaking of the pot is followed by prize distribution. Devotees believe that the broken pieces of earthen pot will keep away mice and negative powers from their homes.

Dahi Handi is celebrated with fervor, especially in the twin cities of Mathura - Vrindavan, Dwarka and Mumbai. Young men in Mumbai yell 'Ala re ala, Govinda ala' during the ceremony.

This year, the winning team will get Rs11,11,111, while DJ Aqueel will spin signature tracks. About 70 teams will compete to reach the 45 feet high dahi-handi, egged on by over two lakh spectators.

Source: Hindustan Times.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Attend the reading & discussion on "The Making of Samovar" How a Mumbai Cafe became a metaphor for a generation by Usha Khanna.

Date & Time: Friday, 24th August 2007, 7.00pm.
Venue: Crossword Kemps Corner

Topic of Discussion - "The value of spaces in a city that nurture and foster creative and intellectual discourse".

Panelists - Eminent Author Gregory Roberts, Noted Journalist Malavika Sangghvi & Columnist Anil Dharker
'The Making of Samovar' is about the making of Mumbai's legendary Cafe Samovar, that has served for over four decades as the watering hole, salon, dining hall and meeting place of its leading intellectuals and artists. Cafe Samovar has been the hotbed of creativity, nurturing artistic genius and providing an environment for the growth of some of the greatest names in the arts in India. Nestled on a humble corridor in the Jehangir Art gallery, Mumbai's premiere art institution, Samovar - through its proprietress the indefatigable Usha Khanna - has been privy to some of the art world's best-kept secrets.

When the history of artsy -bohemian Mumbai is recorded, a chapter will surely be dedicated to the Cafe named Samovar.

About the Author:

Written by Usha Khanna; directed & designed by Devika Bhojwani and edited by Malavika Sangghvi it is a one of a kind, treasured tribute, a delightful read and a page turning glimpse into Mumbai's world of art and intellectuals.

It begins in a kitchen in Rawalpindi in 1927, with the birth of the author, traces her involvement with the Freedom Struggle in Kashmir, her marriage to a young revolutionary, her tryst with Parisian cafe society, where she first experienced art cafes on the Left Bank; her exposure to new-wave art-house cinema, and every thing else that inspired her to create Mumbai's first and best loved artsy bohemian cafe Samovar- the haunt of artists, poets, film makers and students.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

TiE World Conference on 7th and 8th September at Taj Land Ends.

TiE World is a 2-day local conference organized by TiE Mumbai with an objective to unlock the value of “experience and collaboration” through Pure Experience with insights into key entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities that traverse domains, geographies, scale, size & connectivity !!

If you are a student or professional and interested in entrepreneurship, TiE World is an ideal platform to get plugged into the entrepreneurial eco-system.

At TiE World, you can interact with successful and budding entrepreneurs as well as local and overseas investors.

Sessions on ‘When to Start-up’ would be of particular relevance to you.

If the entrepreneurial eco-system is of interest to you or if you are involved with entrepreneurship in any way

Experiences will be shared across areas like

Entrepreneurial Lifestyle e.g. starting up, Exit, etc....
Enterprise functions e.g. people, Finance, etc...
Attitudinal issues e.g. Failure
Socioeconomic areas e.g. Women Entrepreneurship
Future vision e.g. opportunity trends and patterns

For registration details please visit

Friday, 17 August 2007

People in Mumbai city will always surprise you!

In Mumbai we have interesting people and the best ones you get to see when you are traveling by bus. In Mumbai, we have public buses that are very comfortable. They have six seats reserved for ladies, two seats reserved for senior citizens and three seats reserved for physically challenged. This makes the ride comfortable for the privileged lot, especially during a rush hour, at the end of the day, when you are too tired to hang on to the overhand handles or to the seats. This is the time when the lucky ones are seen counting their blessing as they see a seat emptied just for them.

On Saturday, while I was enjoyed my ‘only ladies’ seat, a senior citizen entered the bus from the front door (Senior citizens, pregnant ladies and handicapped enjoy the privilege of entering the bus from front exit) he looked for empty seat, but the bus was too crowded. He came to the seat that was reserved for senior citizens. There was an old lady sitting next to a young lady. The old man demanded that the young lady arise and give him the seat. But this lady refused, saying that she was a lady and he should not ever ask a lady to get up and offer a seat to a man, however old he may be. The old man got angry and he confronted the woman saying that when he occupied a ladies seat, he was asked to vacate it, so he was entitled to ask her to vacate it when she was occupying a senior citizen seat. The young woman refused to comply. The old man got angrier and summoned the bus conductor to solve the issue and the lady was forced to get up and offer her seat to the deserving candidate.

The man, fully satisfied at his victory, enjoyed the ride, but I think he was not used to winning too many battles, so time and again he looked around and saw more uncomfortable passengers. He saw a lady with three small children, trying to balance herself and her three children, but not succeeding. Her one child leaned against his back and other fell when bus took a sharp turn. This kind old man got up and passed on his precious seat to the lady with three children, while he, himself, traveled the rest of the journey as a standee.

On both counts he was a winner!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Mulund, a suburb of northeast Mumbai

Mulund is Close to Thane, this area is one of the prosperous suburb of northeast Mumbai. The region is accessible by Mumbai suburban railway on the Central railway line. It has a population more than 8.5 lakh and thus have an extra importance and flavour by its history ranging from ancient era to the 21st century

Enlarge to read the details


Tuesday, 7 August 2007

MERU-the on call Taxi Service

Date: Friday, June 15 To: Thursday, August 30

Meru shall provide umbrellas to passengers to enable them to reach their destinations without a worry for the rains.

Meru shall also provide first aid kit to all passengers in case of any unforeseen injuries owing to the monsoon.

Meru has now started advanced booking for its customers from Andheri, Vile Parle, Santa Cruz, Goregaon, Malad, Vikhroli, Chembur and Powai in addition to its existing network from South Mumbai to Bandra and Kurla.

V-Link, a leading fleet management company, recently launched ‘Meru’, a world-class metered call taxi service in Mumbai in association with India Value Fund, a premier Private Equity fund from April 2007.

The monsoons have hit Mumbai city with a sudden ferocity, which has left people unprepared. Meru has taken the initiative to offer all its passengers an umbrella if required to protect them from the rains to reach their destination without having to worry about the monsoon. Right from the launch, Meru has provided first aid kits in the cabs. This will come in very handy during the monsoons. With increase in the fleet size of MERU and keeping the customer centric focus in mind.

Meru can be booked 60 minutes in advance and the cab will come to your doorstep.

V-Link currently offers an advance booking system for Meru, which allows a customer to book for a cab by dialling (022) 4422 4422 or logging onto and get a cab at their appointed location.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Business & Trade Fairs in Mumbai in the month of August.

If you are in Mumbai this month and are interested in business and trade fairs, you could drop in at following venues:

SME Expo Logistics 2007, organized by INIS Enterprises Private Limited and will be held at Nehru Centre from 16-AUG-07 to 18-AUG-07

SME Expo Logistics 2007 is a platform for the SMEs to explore business opportunities and network with the stakeholders within and outside the logistics industry. It also provides them with an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest and most innovative products and services.

The Culture Collection, organized by Introduction Trade shows at World Trade Centre from 23-AUG-07 to 26-AUG-07

Introductions Trade Shows brings to you an opportunity to reach out to your target audience at a refined exhibition which will bring together 150 exhibitors under one roof with diverse range of Art & Design lifestyle products catering to the niche audience of Mumbai. It will offer a perfect blend of creativity and perfection, carved out by artists, craftsmen & designers from all over India & abroad.

India International Jewelry Show is organized by The Gem & jewelry Export Promotional Council at MMRDA Exhibition Ground-Bandra Kurla Complex from 30-AUG-07 to 03-SEP-07

The India International Jewelry Show (IIJS) offers a unique opportunity to view the brightest and best that the country has to offer. India's biggest jewelry show, it is fast emerging as one of the Asia's largest jewelry trade show also.

Pen World is organized by Introductions trade Shows at Nehru Centre from 31-AUG-07 to 03-SEP-07

Pen World is the most comprehensive International Trade Show on Writing Instruments & Allied Products. Pen World will be the best ever show spreading over 4 days which will bring together the entire country's rapidly growing Writing Instruments industry under one roof.

India International Stationery Products Trade Fair (IISOF 2007) is organized by Introduction Trade Shows at Nehru Centre from 31-AUG-07 to 03-SEP-07

India International Stationery Products Trade Fair (IISOF 2007) will provide an unequaled opportunity to the manufacturers and dealers of Stationery and Supplies for Office & School, Social Stationery, Graphic arts materials, Writing Instruments & related products to introduce and promote their products and services to the entire business sector of the vast Indian & overseas Market, who will be visiting this mega event.

Gifts India is organized by Introduction Trade Shows at Nehru Centre from 31-AUG-07 to 03-SEP-07

Gifts India will be by far & away India's Largest Trade Show on Corporate & Personal Gifts & Premiums now in it's 13th YEAR. It is also the season's rightly placed & undoubtedly the most popular show year after year. For all related manufacturers and dealers, 'Gifts India' is the number one marketing vehicle for business in Indian & International Markets.

India Oil & Gas Review Expo (IORS Expo), organized by Oil Asia Publication Pvt Ltd will be held at Hotel Taj Land End, Bandra from 03-SEP-07 to 04-SEP-07

India Oil & Gas Review Expo (IORS Expo) is focused particularly on new products and technology so far not introduced in the Petroleum industry. While other exhibitions in the same sector exhibit stalls of just contractors or service providers - IORS exhibition will highlight the Next-Gen equipment and technology - so essential for the growth.

India Retail Forum, organized by Images Multimedia Private Ltd will be held at Renaissance from 04-SEP-07 to 06-SEP-07

India retail forum (IRF) is the most substantive intellectual & information exchange for the retail business in the Indian sub-continent. The forum is aimed at presenting the business of retail in the region to the global business audience, with the objective of inviting understanding on and investment in this massive marketplace.

Furniture & Furnishings Fair, organized by Introductions Trade shows will be held at Nehru Centre from 06-SEP-07 to 10-SEP-07

Furniture & Furnishings Fair will form the complete picture of products required for designing home exteriors & interiors. Leading companies will be showcasing a variety of products such as furniture, furnishings, bed linen, floorings, tiles, modular kitchens, premium bathroom fittings, extravagant lighting & its accessories.

India International Travel Mart (IITM Mumbai), organized by Travel Media Networks will be held at World Trade Centre from 08-SEP-07 to 10-SEP-07

India's one of the prominent International Travel & Tourism Mart, India International Travel Mart (IITM) brings people together to promote Inbound, Outbound and Domestic Tourism in unique style. IITM offer unlimited opportunities for everyone to Explore, Market and Publicize their destination/ product/ organization at one place.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

‘Secure India’ …Date to remember 11th July to 13th July.

If you are in Mumbai and are interested in security products, you can attend ‘Secure India’ at Nehru centre, Worli.

Secure India is the first edition of the International Exhibition and Seminar on Security products, equipment and services designed for the protection of people and goods.

Profile for exhibit include Anti-terrorism intelligence, Access control devices, CCTV, Communications systems, Detection systems, Document checking systems, Electronic ID systems, Emergency equipment, Fire Prevention systems, Information security systems, Location and tracking systems, Locking systems, Risk Management, Screening and scanning, Security Management, Self protection products, Technical clothing and protection, Weapons and ammunition, X-Ray detector.

There will also be seminars running concurrently with the exhibition.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Flamingos at Sewri

Mumbai is never short when it comes to surprises. Another nice surprise is the arrival of beautiful flamingos in this highly polluted and crowded metropolis.
The huge expanse of colorless mud flats in Sewri glow with the arrival of countless pink lesser flamingos.

Last year, around 12000 flamingos visited these mudflats.

‘‘No one knows exactly where the flamingos come from at this time of the year. Some experts feel that the birds fly here from the Rann of Kutch, where they normally breed,’’ Isaac Kehimkar, the spokesperson of Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), said.

The birds, he said, are annually seen at Sewri from the beginning of November till the beginning of monsoon next year.

Apart from flamingos, numerous other species including gulls, terns and waders can also be spotted at Sewri.

Encouraged by the growing number of flamingos visiting the mudflats, the Mumbai Port Trust has floated a plan to turn it into a magnet for birdwatchers and the general public. The five-acre stretch of mudflats, of which 1.5 acres will be taken up by the proposed park, would be secured for flamingos and other migratory birds.
The Mumbai Port Trust is drawing up an ambitious Rs1.45cr plan to develop an infotainment park around the Sewri mudflats.

This park would have a mini-theatre, projection facilities, an auditorium and water fountains to complete the outdoors experience. An interpretation centre, where one can learn about the biodiversity of the area and the importance of mangroves, is aimed at attracting children. About 70 per cent of the total amount allocated for the project will go into building this centre.

Officials feel that once the Sewri Fort is refurbished under a makeover plan, the mudflats would become a tourist draw If you wish to go for Flamingo Watching, you can take a habour line train to Sewri, and then take a taxi to Colgate factory. Close to the factory is this vast mudflat where you will see many birds. Best time is to go early mornings, between high tide and low tide. A good pair of binoculars, a cap and patience is the only things required to make this visit a memorable experience.
Image: Google

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Narrow streets around Crawford market....

are fun to walk through, if you have enough stamina to walk through these streets for hours because, once you are stuck inside those lanes, you have no options but to walk, you cannot take any vehicle inside these streets .

In one of those streets, there is a beautiful mosque. There is cloth market near this mosque, on the right of this mosque is a wholesale market for selling stationary, jewellery and handicrafted stuff and on the left of this market are the streets selling house-hold items like plastic wares, electricity and bathroom assessories.

We went to Crawford market to buy stationary for my school. This is the narrow street where you will find stationary.. This is one of the biggest wholesale bazaars of Mumbai that has narrow streets, so narrow that it is difficult to walk comfortably. Every street specializes in particular item. There are separate streets for clothes, jewelry, books and stationary, plastic wares, toys.

If you were to just browse, it would take you more than five hours to go through all these streets.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Forthcoming Business & Trade Fairs in Mumbai

In Mumbai, there is always something happening. there is enough activity to keep you on your toes. Have you ever heard a mumbaite complaining about boredom? You must be joking! Mumbaites are never bored. if you happen to be in Mumbai on those days of event, be sure to check out the boredom of mumbaite yourself.

Secure India is the first edition of the International Exhibition and Seminar on Security products, equipment and services designed for the protection of people and goods.This will be held on 11th July to 13th July 2007 at Nehru Centre.

It is Organized By
Wings Trade Fairs
No.1, 80 Ft Road, Indiranagar
Bangalore, Karnataka - 560 038 (India)
Phone: +(91)-(80)-25213606/25285999/25255057
Fax: +(91)-(80)-25282862


SME Expo Logistics 2007 is a platform for the SMEs to explore business opportunities and network with the stakeholders within and outside the logistics industry. It also provides them with an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest and most innovative products and services. This will be held on 16th august to 18th August 2007 at Nehru Centre.

it is Organized By INIS Enterprises Private Limited210, Atlanta Estate, Vitth Bhatti, Goregaon East
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 063 (India)
Phone: +(91)-(22)-28763111
Fax: +(91)-(22)-28765444


Introductions Trade Shows brings to you an opportunity to reach out to your target audience at a refined exhibition which will bring together 150 exhibitors under one roof with diverse range of Art & Design lifestyle products catering to the niche audience of Mumbai. It will offer a perfect blend of creativity and perfection, carved out by artists, craftsmen & designers from all over India & abroad. This will be held on 23th August to 26th August at World Trade Centre.

It is organized By Introductions Trade Shows
116, Morya Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (W)
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 053 (India)
Phone: +(91)-(22)-26733511/26733512/66950059/66950060
Fax: +(91)-(22)-6695 0061


The India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) offers a unique opportunity to view the brightest and best that the country has to offer. India's biggest jewelry show, it is fast emerging as one of the Asia's largest jewelry trade show also. This will take place on 30th August to 3rd September at Bombay Exhibition Centre.

It is organized By The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council5th Floor, Diamond Plaza, 391 A, Dr. Dadasaheb Bhadkamkar Marg
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 004 (India)
Phone: +(91)-(22)-2389 4957/23802788/20532896
Fax: +(91)-(22)-23804958


Pen World is the most comprehensive International Trade Show on Writing Instruments & Allied Products. Pen World will be the best ever show spreading over 4 days which will bring together the entire country's rapidly growing Writing Instruments industry under one roof.This will be held on 31st August to 3rd September 2007 at Nehru Centre.

It is organized By Introductions Trade Shows
116, Morya Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (W)
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 053 (India)
Phone: +(91)-(22)-26733511/26733512/66950059/66950060
Fax: +(91)-(22)-6695 0061


Gifts India will be by far & away India's Largest Trade Show on Corporate & Personal Gifts & Premiums now in it's 13th YEAR. It is also the season's rightly placed & undoubtedly the most popular show year after year. For all related manufacturers and dealers, 'Gifts India' is the number one marketing vehicle for business in Indian & International Markets. This will be held on 31st August to 3rd september 2007 at Nehru centre.

It is organized By Introductions Trade Shows
116, Morya Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (W)
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 053 (India)
Phone: +(91)-(22)-26733511/26733512/66950059/66950060
Fax: +(91)-(22)-6695 0061


India International Stationery Products Trade Fair (IISOF 2007) will provide an unequaled opportunity to the manufacturers and dealers of Stationery and Supplies for Office & School, Social Stationery, Graphic arts materials, Writing Instruments & related products to introduce and promote their products and services to the entire business sector of the vast Indian & overseas Market, who will be visiting this mega event. This will be held on 31st August to 3rd September 2007 at Nehru Centre.

It is organized By Introductions Trade Shows
116, Morya Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (W)
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 053 (India)
Phone: +(91)-(22)-26733511/26733512/66950059/66950060
Fax: +(91)-(22)-6695 0061


India Oil & Gas Review Expo (IORS Expo) is focused particularly on new products and technology so far not introduced in the Petroleum industry. While other exhibitions in the same sector exhibit stalls of just contractors or service providers - IORS exhibition will highlight the Next-Gen equipment and technology - so essential for the growth.Tis will be held on 3rd September and 4th September at Hotel taj lands End.

It is organized By Oil Asia Journal529-532, Laxmi Plaza, 5th Floor, Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (W)
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 053 (India)
Phone: +(91)-(22)-40504900
Fax: +(91)-(22)-26367676


India retail forum (IRF), is the most substantive intellectual & information exchange for the retail business in the Indian sub-continent. The forum is aimed at presenting the business of retail in the region to the global business audience, with the objective of inviting understanding on and investment in this massive marketplace.This will take place on 4th September to 6th September 2007 at The Renaissance, Powai.
It is organized By Images Multimedia Private Limited
S-21 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase - II
New Delhi, Delhi - 110 020 (India)
Phone: +(91)-(11)-40525000
Fax: +(91)-(11)-40525001


Furniture & Furnishings Fair will form the complete picture of products required for designing home exteriors & interiors. Leading companies will be showcasing a variety of products such as furniture, furnishings, bed linen, floorings, tiles, modular kitchens, premium bathroom fittings, extravagant lighting & its accessories. This will take place on 6th September to 10th September 2007 at Nehru Centre.

It is organized By Introductions Trade Shows
116, Morya Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (W)
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 053 (India)
Phone: +(91)-(22)-26733511/26733512/66950059/66950060
Fax: +(91)-(22)-6695 0061


Thursday, 24 May 2007

Worli, a part of South Mumbai, is a place you cannot miss

if you are traveling towards south Mumbai, it extends from Haji Ali to Prabhadevi and is recognized by its prominent ‘Nehru planetarium white, round dome’.

Some of the most exclusive residential buildings, such as Sumudara Mahal, Eden Hall, etc, in Mumbai are here, in Worli, The sea face near Worli also has a number of extremely exclusive and prestigious residential addresses. Worli used to be one of the Mill lands of Old Mumbai, and now these mills have been converted into Posh Offices and Malls.

Worli has the Mahalaxmi Racecourse, which is also known as ‘The Royal Western Turf Club’ of India, The Mahalaxmi Racecourse is a horse racing ground. The horse racing season starts in November and ends in February. On the first Sunday in February, the Derby (horse race) is conducted annually and is attended by many of the city's glitterati.

The Nehru Planetarium is especially popular with Mumbai's public and visitors, particularly the audio-visual shows at the sky theatre. At the Planetarium, an image of the sky as seen from anywhere in the world at any time, past, present and future 270,000 years either way, can be viewed. Shows in English are held twice a day daily at 3 and 6 p.m. except on Mondays when the planetarium and also the Nehru Science Museum are closed

Adjoining the planetarium is the Nehru Science Centre and a children's science park. Nehru Science Centre is visited by over 600,000 people every year who experience and enjoy the basic principles and marvels of science & technology. It is the largest Science Centre in the country with 8 acres of Science Park planted with varieties of plants, trees and shrubs. More than 50 hands-on and interactive science exhibits on energy, sound, kinematics, mechanics, transport, etc. are installed in the science park.

The Haji Ali shrine is located on a small island on the Arabian Sea overlooking the Worli sea face. There is a walkway which connects the shore to the shrine. This walkway is the only way to enter the shrine and it can be used only during low tides. High tides and monsoon rains completely cover the walkway. Inside the shrine there is a courtyard which normally sports a festive, talkative atmosphere.

The structure has typical white, Mughal domes and minarets. Although it is a famous Muslim pilgrimage site, non-Muslim visitors are welcomed. The shrine looks its best when seen from the shore silhouetted against the setting sun.

On a typical windy evening at Worli sea face, (overlooking the Arabian Sea) you get to see couples meeting on the sly, women friends catching up over corn and conversations, parents with children clamoring for candy floss and rides on the small merry-go-round, there are serious walkers and joggers, some with their dogs during the evening hours.

Some of the well known restaurants in Worli are ‘The Jewel Of India’, which is located near Jade Gardens in Nehru Centre, this restaurant is famous for their Sunday buffets and serves exclusive Indian cuisine with wide range of Kababs. There is also ‘Mela’, which is located neat Love Grove Complex, this is themed on a typical Indian fair with magicians, tattoo artists, fortune tellers and of course a good cuisine. Copper Chimney is another famous restaurant which is known for its Indian cuisine. Mahalaxmi Racecourse also features a restaurant, Gallops, which is populated by the well-to-do couples or families during the day and night. The interior is decorated with a rustic charm, reminiscent of the British imperialism's palaces with the light fixtures, the dainty carriages with the curtains, and still, the stable, with the bolts along the wall and lining the roof.

If you wish to shop, then the famous malls in this vicinity are ‘Heera Panna’ which is near Haji Ali, Pheonix Mills (Big Bazaar) which is behind Nehru Science Centre and Atria Mall which is located near Nehru planetorium.

The best way to travel in and out of Worli is by B.E.S.T buses. There is no railway station in Worli. The nearest station is Mahalaxmi. The other major railway stations are Dadar and Mumbai Central. Worli is connected very well to other parts of the city by roads. Worli - Bandra Sea-link is still under construction and will make the travel from suburbs to the downtown areas very comfortable, when completed.


Sunday, 20 May 2007

Andheri is the suburb in North Mumbai beyond Juhu

Andheri is the suburb of North Mumbai. It is separated by railway tracts into East and West.

A lot of popular residential areas in Mumbai like 4 Bungalows, 7 Bungalows and the posh "Lokhandwala Complex" Oshiwara, Yari Road are all part of West Andheri.

Contemporary West Andheri is largely a residential area, whereas East Andheri is has a mixture of commercial and residential areas, including MIDC-SEEPZ (Santacruz Electronic and Export Promotion Zone), Seepz++, Saki Naka (an industrial area), etc.

The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai's International Airport is in Andheri East. Many Call Centers and BPOs are located in Chakala area of Andheri.

East Andheri also has pockets of attractive residential areas, with quiet, tree-lined streets, easy connectivity to the Western Express Highway, and without the congestion and pepetual traffic jams that afflict most residential areas in suburban Mumbai.

Andheri west has been climbing up the popularity chart

The place has superb malls, numerous multiplexes, excellent recreational facilities and good houses. Long considered a poor man’s Bandra, Andheri is today outstripping other localities.

Andheri West is becoming the preferred destination for young professionals, who find the quality of housing good and rental rates affordable. Over 75 per cent find the quality of construction good, while over 65 per cent feel that renting or buying a house was within their reach.

The housing facilities in Andheri West are the best in the western suburbs. You have houses for middle class and rich people. Everyone can afford to stay there

Andheri also scores highly in entertainment and education facilities (rank 3). More than 90 per cent feel that schools, colleges, coaching institutes, restaurants, malls, pubs and discotheques are top-notch. Over 85 per cent feel the locality has good gyms, clubs, multiplexes and theatres.

The problem for Andheri is its infrastructure and medical facilities, with over 70 per cent saying the roads are bad. Over 80 per cent say there should more quality hospitals.

There are lots of dug-up roads everywhere. Dug-up roads also mean noise and air pollution, which over 80 per cent feel is beyond permissible limits.

Andheri, however, scores highly in the safety index with over 90 per cent saying they feel safe in their homes and don’t face any problems even during the night.

The World Bank has many plans for the development of the largely industrial East Andheri. Work on the project of connecting Versova (in Andheri West) to Ghatkopar (a central suburb) by an elevated Metro railway line has begun by expanding the existing roads so that spaces can be created for the railway's pillars, etc. After the Metro becomes operational in about 2011, travel time will be reduced from the present 1 hour 45 minutes to about 20 minutes

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Mumbai local train scenario

Mumbai is a city of 16 million inhabitants, of whom 6 million ride the city's three main line . Trains designed to hold 1,700 passengers carry as many as 4,700 during peak hours in a bone-crushing 1.4 bodies per square foot of space.

As a result, some 3,500 passengers, or 10 a day, are killed annually in grisly accidents. Some are crushed to death by fellow riders or under speeding trains after falling out of doors that are typically left open to accommodate more riders. Others are killed by moving trains while crossing tracks to avoid crowded pedestrian walkways.

But more than half of all train-related deaths -- some 2,000 a year -- occur when passengers take shortcuts along the tracks to avoid walkways teeming with hawkers selling snacks, flowers and other goods. Impatient commuters risk their lives crossing the tracks to reach nearby platforms.

And some die simply, because they are careless and want to spent their idle time gossiping in the middle of tracks.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Redevelopment of properties in Mumbai

During our last general body meeting, our secretary proposed that we renovate our building because it was in a very bad shape. All our pipes needed replacement, the walls of the building were cracking up, there was lack of cleanliness and security and our building was in dire need of major repairs. The society did not have enough funds and there was no guarantee that there would be no more repairs for next five years after these major repairs.

Instead of repairs, somebody suggested redevelopment.

The subject of redevelopment has now assumed great significance because in Mumbai, majority of the buildings owned by co-operative societies are quite old and in a neglected state.

In case of redevelopment of old buildings, builders approach societies that either have some open plot of land or are willing to demolish the old structures to reconstruct new buildings.

Where such a development is possible, builders normally agree to pay some consideration to the society for its permission to construct a building on the open plot of land or to construct a new, bigger building using the Transferable Development Right (TDR), Floor space index (FSI) after demolishing the existing structure, and by providing alternate residential flats to members till the new building is constructed.

If we have to proceed with the process of redevelopment, it is important to take the advice of a lawyer who's well versed with the provisions of the Bombay Stamp Act 1958, the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act 1963 and the Income Tax Act 1961. In any process of redevelopment, we must be aware of documentations that are required and also we must understand the tax implications on redevelopment of immovable property.

One of the contracts, that there should be is 'development agreement' (which is merely authorizing developer to develop the land). While doing so we have to ensure that appropriate stamp duty is paid and that registration is done.
The builder approaches us, and we are the owners of the land and, instead of buying the land and paying a large amount towards the purchase; he enters into an agreement with us for permission to develop the land on our behalf for us.

In other words, in a case of development, the builder constructs the buildings at his cost, retains some flats for himself to be sold in the open market, and should also give a few flats to us plus pays us some monetary consideration. The developer will carry out this development work in the capacity of a constituted attorney that we, as owners, will appoint and not on his own behalf.

Later, these flats will be sold by the developer in the open market and from such sale, he makes a profit. He saves on stamp duty cost because the rate of stamp duty in respect of development agreement is much less than that payable on outright purchase. Later, when the building will actually be conveyed to a co-operative society or a company, we, as owners and builder become party to the conveyance deed on which the stamp duty is payable and the same is also registered.

It is important for a society to have a valid conveyance deed of land and building in its favor for it to be redeveloped and that includes acquiring marketable title, permission for reconstruction and construction of additional floors by use of TDR and FSI, or else, society may not get any approval of plan from Municipal Corporation.

But due to our ignorance, majority of builders fail to convey the title to a co-operative society after having constructed flats on a plot of land.
In fact, the greater majority of the co-operative housing societies, formed in Mumbai in the last twenty years, do not have the land conveyed in their favor. The outcome of this failure to grant conveyance deed is that the builder or the earlier owner still remains the owner of the property. This results in a situation where these societies have only possessor rights and not the ownership over the land, depriving them of the additional TDR FSI that is the main driving force for entering into such agreements.

Let us now understand the procedure and documentation required at the time of redevelopment of an immovable property. Before we agree to re-development plan, the following steps are required to be taken:-

The consent of the society members must be obtained during society meetings. On or before the execution of the agreement, the society should hand over to the developers, the copy of the conveyance deed in respect of the society’s property, along with certified copies of the property register card, index II, latest electricity bill, water bill, municipal tax bill, N.A. tax bill in respect of the society’s property and also, the copy of the registration certificate of society under the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act, 1960.

There should be a list of members with their choice of new flats and parking, area entitlement among others as agreed upon in the new building should be prepared.
A temporary alternate accommodation should be provided to the members during the construction period and should also be made clear in the agreement.

There will be complications which the society might face in case of redevelopment if following things were not considered.

They fail to assemble all members of the society at a single point of time during the meetings. (In my society, we have some stubborn members who just refuse to attend the meetings and then blow their top if any decisions that are taken are not in their favor.)

Sometimes the title may not be clear, i.e. conveyance deed of the land and structure is not executed in favor of the society.

There is anxiety in the minds of the members about possible delay in completion of the project after they have vacated their old flats.

The old documents of the members can not be traceable

There are some tax issues regarding redevelopment, which are not clear to the society.

Some members don’t wish to come back to the new building and ask for very high prices for sale of old flats or are more interested in purchasing a new flats at a discounted rate in new building.

Corpus amount has taken a long time to be fixed by the society.

As per old municipal laws, it was possible that the owner of building permitted TDR FSI to be loaded over the existing structure by way of additional floors for a consideration. This, however, is no longer permissible under the existing municipal laws.

We can, however, make some arrangements under which, a project involving the use of TDR FSI can be developed jointly.

We can allow our existing building to be demolished and the existing FSI can be developed for our use. The builder uses additional TDR FSI - the cost of which is to be borne by the developer alone and he constructs the new building.

When drafting a Development Agreement, some of the important points and clauses of a development agreement are:

The cooperative society, the developers and preferably all the members should be parties to this agreement.

There should be a brief history of how the conveyance deed was given to the society.
The registration number of the cooperative society under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960, should be mentioned in the agreement.
There should be particulars of the existing flats with carpet area of the flats occupied by each of the member of the buildings.

The area of the plot as per the 'property register card' should be mentioned.
The total estimated FSI area that can be constructed by utilizing TDR on the plot should be mentioned.

The agreement should mention the carpet area, including the additional area, which will be made available to the members in the new building.

The schedule of payment of the total consideration should be specified in the development agreement.

There should be a mention of the tentative date for vacating the flats in the old building by the members, which shall be linked with the plans being approved by the concerned authority.

The number of open car parking space, stilt car parking and closed parking which will be given to the members in the new building should be mentioned in the development agreement.

Usually the developers obtain at their own costs the rights under the Development Right Certificate (DRC) in accordance with the provisions of the Development Control Regulations for Greater Bombay, 1991. Further, the developers get the building plans approved, obtain the commencement certificate and sanction of building plans from the MCGM and pay all the requisite deposits, fees and premiums to various authorities including the MCGM. It should be clarified in the development agreement that neither the Society nor the Members shall be expected to pay such types of expenses.

It must be clarified in the development agreement that each purchaser of a flat in the new building who intends to be a member of the society will be required to pay to the society the entrance fee and share allotment money as well as a sum as approved by the society towards the sinking fund of the society.

The time period for completion of the new building on the plot owned by the society shall be defined in the development agreement. In the event the developers fail to complete the entire work within the stipulated period, a penalty clause can be mentioned in the agreement.

It should be specified in the development agreement that from the date of taking complete vacant possession of the existing structure till the date of receipt of occupation certificate in respect of the new building and till such time that the builder intimates the members to take possession of their respective flats, the developers shall bear and pay all municipal rates, taxes and other payments required to be paid to the concerned authorities.

The agreement should also clarify that the society shall pay only the municipal rates, and other outgoing taxes till the vacant possession of the entire property is done (the plot and the existing structure) to the developers after receipt of full occupation certificate in respect of the new building.

The development agreement should list out the broad specifications and amenities to be provided for the flats in the new building on the plot owned by the society.
The development agreement should have a proper schedule of the property at the end of the agreement which should specify the location of the property along with the name of the suburb, final plot number, CTS number, area of the plot and municipal ward number.

Abovementioned are some of the important points relating to redevelopment of old buildings by cooperative societies. Since the laws on the subject of redevelopment are yet to be fully developed, any decision in this matter should be taken with great care or else it could lead to a possible dispute or litigation.

It is very important to understand the procedure properly before signing any papers. The building in my lane has a stay order due to some conflicts and misunderstanding between the society members and it stands in pitiful state since last five years. Till a proper agreement is not reached, the building can neither be redeveloped nor repaired and the members are forced to stay in these uncertain and unhealthy conditions for many, many years.

Monday, 14 May 2007

Welcome to Mumbai

A City where everything is possible,
especially the impossible
of which you are not responsible.

Where lovers first love
and then may marry,
Be it Tom, Dick or Harry

Where telephone bills
make a person very ill,
that can be cured only with a pill

Where carbon-dioxide is
more than a free oxygen,
As you near close to an open dustbin,

Where college canteens are full
and classes are empty,
Teasing welcomes a new entry,

Where a cycle reaches
faster than a car,
It doesn’t matter if you are a star,

Where sky scrapers overlook
a crowded slum,
you run for cover when monsoon come,

Where people first act
and then may think,
and pen their thoughts without a ink,

Where the roads see-saw
in wet and cruel monsoon,
a beggar learns to become rich soon,

Where the roads are leveled
when the minister arrives,
they are dug once more for one more trial

Where college admission
means you need hard cash,
Where cement is frequently mixed with ash.

This is Mumbai my dear,
But don't you fear,
just cheer and come to Mumbai
every year!

Friday, 27 April 2007

Now don’t you worry about parking your car in south Mumbai

because there is lot of parking space, just for You.

It is a 20-story technology marvel built at a cost of Rs20 crore in 1056 square meters and has 12 car parking bays and has a capacity of parking 240 cars.

The new automated robotic car parking system has been installed in Breach Candy just a month ago.

You only have to drive to the entry point of the car park where you will be given a swipe card. You leave the car at the foyer on the ground floor from where robotic lift would lift the car and park it at a vacant spot. The entire system is automated and requires no human element except giving the swipe card. There are two lifts in the car park that can move both horizontally and vertically, each of which can carry one car at a time. The computerized system detects a vacant parking spot and the lift places the car at that spot.

The entire process of parking and retrieving the car requires only 90 seconds.
The car park has a built-in safety back-up. There is a dual lift system installed in the building as a back-up which would be operational in the rare case of a lift becoming non-functional.

In April 2003, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) had floated bid for an automatic car park to be built at Bhulabhai Desai Road, Breach Candy, as a potential car-parking solution. The plot initially had 40-car parking spaces and was managed by the Mahalaxmi Welfare Centre.Akruti Nirman Limited, which bagged the contract on Built-Operate-and-Transfer (BOT) basis, has now completed the project and the 20-storey automatic car park would become operational next month.

Akruti Nirman Limited will operate the car park for five years and then hand it over to the BMC.

The technology and equipment for the robotic car park has been provided by German company-Wohr Parking Systems, which is one of the foremost manufacturers of mechanical

The name "Bombay" was derived from 'Bom Bahia' (The Good Bay),

.... a name given by Portuguese sailor Francis Almeida, in 1508 ....“Bounce back Mumbai” it is called by the locals, it is a city that has been through a lot in the recent past – floods, bomb blasts, riots – and come out stronger each time.

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