Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Youngsters Will Rock The Community at Distortion 08

People who have talent have the ability to raise funds because their talent will draw the crowd towards them and their message can be spread informally.

Six of Mumbai's top upcoming band will create an original song based on a theme, and perform at this final event tonight, the 30th December, from 830 pm onwards, at the Hard Rock Cafe at Lower Parel

Distortion 08 is a competition which is not only about the music but also about rocking for a cause. Six bands (each backed by six NGO’s) chosen from the 35 bands participating from all across the country will create on original composition for the cause they support. And the winner will win a record deal with Make Music Records, apart from a cash prize.

Distortion is an event property that invites upcoming and new bands from across the country to compete on a common platform. The property's name comes from the insight that ‘many people have a distorted vision of things happening around them’. This year, the property has associated with six NGOs, to bring to light some issues and get the youth involved through the platform.

The property took inception in 2007. The property is run by Foxymoron, a company formed by college students. Organizers have attempted to grow the property, in the form of increased participation and the added objective of promoting relevant social and environmental causes.

In 2007, they had an event, but it was much smaller and only a college-scale event. This year, they attempted to scale it up by inviting more participation. They had participation from across the country and had bands participating from Delhi and Assam. Participants had sent in a demo of their band and they had shortlist from these. This year they had 36 bands participating. They then short listed the 16 who then performed at the elimination round at Not Just Jazz by the Bay, Mumbai, and a final six will be a part of the finals tonight."

On the promotion of the event and extended reach of the property this year, Pratik Gupta, Executive Director, Foxymoron said, "We as a company specialize in social media marketing. So that has been our primary medium of communication and creating awareness. Besides, being a youth-centric event, social media is the best way to get in touch with this audience."

The six NGOs that have signed up are PETA (animal welfare), Breakthrough (domestic violence and women rights), Yuva Pratishthan (social responsibility), Akanksha (street children), Gyaan (global warming) and Cancer Patients Aid Association (cancer awareness).

Hope to see you at the Hard Rock Cafe tonight.

The entry is Rs. 100

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