Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Café Open Mike sessions by Caferati Ryzers

Ever wondered why people of Mumbai city are always smiling? Well besides having large number of eating places where they go chomp, chomp, chomp, there is room for growth of muse, if you are hungry for art and culture. Mumbai is the place to be and it is a city of dreams where like minded people congregate under same roof, momentarily, to share their muse. Artist meet artists, painters meet painters and then there are Bollywood, theatre fans and café lounges to keep the people fully occupied and not waste time in the idle gossip, like they do in rural areas…

If you are in Mumbai on last Tuesday of the month, do find time to go to Prithvi theatre because that’s where the action is. Poets of Mumbai gather at this venue and perform their poems live. There is a small café shop where you will find group of poets performing their amazing poems. They perform poems, some of them, bare-chested, swinging their limbs animatedly to stress their point, some shouting, some whispering, it is the event to experience. A two minute slot is given to each poet, during which you see them recite, declaim, shout, even sing (if they can hold a tune); they sit, stand or lie down; dance, turn a cartwheel, play a musical instrument, or scratch their back while standing on their head, performing their words.

"The time starts the moment they hold the mike and a big bong sounds loudly if you exceed your time slot of two minutes. There is no restriction on Genres, poetry, scripts, stories, all is allowed as long as it is your own work. You just have to maintain civility, no foul language, no nudity, no explicit imagery, slander or anything that flouts the laws of India and the work can be in English, Hindi or Marathi."

"The poets normally come 30 minutes before the event and write their name on the scribble board, 25 slots are provided for the duration of one hour and they are given on first-cum first-served basis and cannot be carried over to next open-mike event. You are expected show the text of what you plan to perform to the organizers present, and describe your performance. This is not about censorship; it is to guard against infringement of the rules.

There are no prizes, except the opportunity to perform to an audience, and earn its acclaim. You will not be reimbursed expenses, and will not be paid any fee or honorarium. You retain ownership of your work, but by submitting it, you give the Prithvi Theatre and Caferati the right to display your work, or photographs or recordings of your performance, at the Prithvi Theatre Cafe, and on their websites, should they so choose, with attribution to you, but with no payment. Should you wish to be excluded from being photographed or recorded, please inform the photographer / cameraperson before the performance. Any photographs or recordings will not be commercial in nature." To keep yourself updated with their events you can join their facebook group

If interested, you can catch them on 25th August from 19.00- 20.00 at Prithvi Theatre Café at Juhu

Photo courtesy impresario.in

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