Monday, 16 November 2009

Art Installations at Carter Road in Bandra

As I walked down the Carter Road Promenade, I feasted my eyes on the various art work displayed on my path. ‘Going Green’ being the theme of this festival, the art work displayed at the promenade sent across this message. One of the art work that was truly amazing was the stuffed hands displayed like dried fish at the shore. When I asked the artists what message did she want to sent across, she said that these are the hands of the people who have the responsibility of taking care of the environment.

Further up, there were rows of cylinders made of used plastic glasses and stuffed with colorful pictures, that created a beautiful curtain effect, the artist explained that everything that we use could be converted into a art instead of throwing it in the waste and causing environment disaster.

Used bottles can be re-used

Waste paper can also be creatively used to make innovative art work.

This year ‘Celebrate Bandra’ sends across this message that every citizen should say ‘No to the Plastic bags’ and we, as a true Bandraite, could take the first initiative to make Bandra plastic free.

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