Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fresh Farm food In Mumbai

Last month, everybody was talking about BT Brinjals and I was quite afraid of its’ results. Actually I love Brinjals very much and many times I pickle it in mustard, garlic and red chilies to be eaten when I am too lazy to cook. But to risk this experimental food that contains ‘toxic pesticides whose effect on the human body and the environment are not known.’ huh? It is out of question for me. How would I deal with diseases like swollen face, itching skins, and other allergies?  Nah!

No BT Brinjals for me! In fact no chemically induced veggies for me! Shrug*

Therefore I was glad when I read about the farmers from across Maharashtra, who will hold a weekly Farmers’ Market from March 21 in Bandra to sell fresh organic produce in the city.
So Remember
Every Sunday, beginning March 21st

10am - 5pm
Nilgiri Garden,
Bandra Hindu Association,
Linking Road,
Bandra (W)
South-West of National College
Opposite The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
If I can buy fresh, organically certified fruits and vegetables directly from farmers, what else would I want? Isn't it??

This is really good news for me because I eat lotsa salad and fruits and now I can be assured of eating chemical-free food.

I want to live healthy or not at all.

I have a choice!


Deepa Raman said...

You have got an amazing space out here..very nice...Straight from Mumbai..would suggest to network more for more readers... :)

pushpee said...

Thank u so much..glad u like it...

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