Saturday, 20 March 2010

South Mumbai Sky line

The Other day I went up the roof top of Ambassador hotel to catch the bird's eye of Mumbai skyline. In good ole days, there used to be revolving restuarant up there, but now it just an observatory tower (or so it seemed like) There was a small bar with bar stool topped with saddles. After having a cup of coffee I peeped out of the window.

My gaze spread over the sea view of Marine drive, popularly known by the name of 'Queens necklace'. There is a fly over built across the drive-way which kinda cuts the neckace like a hook

Since there was no revolving platform, I walked to the next window to get the view of Churchgate station, and Rajabhai tower

Looked down to the left and was surprised to see the blocks of buildings of same design at equidistant to each other in a goemetrical fashion. (great planning there)

Now walked to the other end and there was 'Mantralaya' behind the stadium
And then back again to the other end of 'Queen's necklace' (this time without a hook) right up to Nariman point.

Enjoyed the cool breeze and pleasant evening and watched the sunset from up above the Marine drive sharing the view with the birds. 

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prasadk said...

Hi..Really nice photography. Even I am from Mumbai but I wonder how many of us have seen this view of Mumbai.

Keep posting plz.

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