Monday, 5 July 2010

Bharat Bhand July 2010-Mumbai streets.

Bharat Band!! Silly move by BJP to bring down the prices!!!

Since morning I am watching TV

They keep showing all the parts of India and how goons are terrorizing a common man. I work from home so this Bhand makes no difference to me…my computer is not protesting, nor facebook nor twitter...there are updates every second on twitter...
Bhand is the top trending topic on Twitter today, and everybody has something to tweet and retweet.
"Crying about hike in prices for oil n using the same oil to put buses on fire.. These morons carrying out #bandh only can explain the logic"
"Smriti Irani is on IBN live supporting #Bandh as a BJP leader, she seems to have lost her head!!"
"#RamGopalVerma is writing another horror story based on the #bandh. and is expected to open to a grand release this friday"
"Buses become aeroplanes during bandhs. They get stoned, and then they get high"

And here, my TV window, the impact is seen on the road, with buses being targeted, stone pelting, and discomfort to a common man. Different people are being interviewed to talk about their discomfort. But, Media is not on strike, in fact they are working with great passion trying to find some breaking news. Tyres burning, lathi charge, rail roko, people lying on the tracks, students who cannot go to give exams, poor people who are not able to reach the hospital on time, every channel is quite busy reporting the latest BREAKING news.

The images on the screen are not pleasant at all. I get fed up of watching TV and I decide to go down for a walk…to see whether it is really that bad out here.

 I live in suburbs where it is normally quite peaceful in the narrow lanes.

The shops were all closed, true….All the shutters were down..non-shopping day....

Ooooh this is Linking road….do you remember it to be so lonely? On normal days, this is so jam-packed that I have to wait sometimes for more than fifteen minutes to go across the street unless I am brave enough to walk between moving traffic.

And this is Waterfield road in Bandra. Signal is red but since there is no traffic today, I decided to stop here for a minute to click this picture.

And children were playing cricket out on the streets. On normal days, there is too much traffic on this road…since there are group of restaurants in this area and the hungry clients flock this street and wait on the foot-paths till late nights

Well ....the urban town wears a rural look on this day and it is a pleasant walk for me, without those noisy autos and buses and the people too.

I walked freely, no worries at all, happy to have Mumbai road just for me……till the time I come home and hear the BREAKING NEWS again

“Bandh hits businesses, losses up to Rs13,000crore…”

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Hi said...

this was the first time that this 'bandh' was supported by whole india..and should due to the deadly rise of prices in everything by this great gov of delhi......But idk how much this will effect to them as things like 26/11 also dont change these dirty politicians then wat bandh will change them..they really dont care about the common man or those suicide farmers especially in maharashthra..and thats FACT,if they really cares then culprits behind 26/11 should be hanged till now.

And about the loss..i think this will effect more to the chor fraud greedy gov then common man

P.S -
actually when bandh happen it should be done properly i mean all people,students,boys,girls,housewife everyone should come on streets together with a protest against price wat we see in foreign countries..then only any gov will listen you(us),,or they will just say "arey yeah to bandh hai ek din ka..kuch nahi hoga india public hai..they will forgot" uuuuh Enough !

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