Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bandra- the cream of the suburbs

I am very proud to be living in Bandra. There are still some cute homes in smaller lanes of Bandra. An auto ride through these narrow lanes is a treat.
Barring the glitzy Bollywood crowd -- many of whom live overlooking Bandra's sea front -- the neighborhood culture here feels creative, cosmopolitan and casual. Almost like what Brooklyn is to Manhattan. That means shorts and flip flops for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even townies come here to kick back.
And those who have the whole list of services available for a comfort stay in Bandra are the happiest lot.

There is a thirty one list of places that include places like
  • Turqoise, (a home store) 
  • Anokhi, (souvenir)
  • Pali Market,(marketting)
  • Mela,(clothes)
  • Gear: The Bike Shop,(bike assessories) 
  • OMO,(clothes)
  • Paws N Furs, (assessories for pets)
  • Maharashtra Stationary and Xerox, (stationary)
  • Oleander,(fashion garments) 
  • Curbside Florist, (flowers)
  • Gloria Jeans Coffee, (coffee shop)
  • Gostana,(burger joint) 
  • Bagel Shop,(fresh bagels)  
  • Santé,(baked foods) 
  • Candies,(food joint) 
  • Just Around the Corner,(salads and sandwitches) 
  • Nature’s Basket,(organic supermarket) 
  • American Express Bakery,(fresh cakes) 
  • Yellow Tree Cafe,(european and labenese treats)
  • Soul Fry, (fiery coastal food)
  • Janata Lunch Home Restaurant & Bar, (cheap lunch place)
  • Toto’s Garage Pub, (a bar)
  • Zenzi, (a trendy hang-out)
  • Bamboo Tree,(fish pedicure) 
  • Aura Thai Spa, (fancy spa)
  • Glory, (french manicure)
  • Reboot Shoe and Bag Laundry,(bags and shoe laundry) 
  • Twinkle Gents Hairdressers, (Gents' hairsaloon)
  • Mad O Wot?, (trendy hairstylist)
  • Al’s Tattoo Studio(tattoo joint)
Too lazy to write the details (specially if somebody else has already done their homework, but yes, these sure are interesting places where Bandraites while away their time.


soni said...

Very Good website. I like the contents. From

Hii said...

the details are very well written,thanks.. but on the top should be & will be always Bandstand :p az whenever someone think about bandra this will only comes first in his/her mind.

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