Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Eating out in Mumbai

Any time after 10pm, you can have your fill....thats Mumbai for you!!!

Any body on holiday to strange places always wishes to try the local cuisine and every place has its own favorites. During my recent visit to Darjeeling, my friend had told me to try Shushi, a local delicacy. I was standing by the Mirik lake and there he was selling Sushi in the cart..a big round modak-like-thingy with a curry and spicy sauce, but I was afraid to eat from the road side, always afraid of unhygienic stuff that it is sold on the roads with dust and pollution mixing in the plate, but now I repent that I should have taken the risk and tried just a morsel

Well that’s another story, but here in Mumbai, hygienic or not, we still are brave to try out at every cart on the road and they, the hawkers are everywhere, at every street corner, dodging the police, or probably bribing them too, to sell from their unlicensed spot, and we, always patronizing them.. and relishing it, a Batawada with bread will cost just Rs5, and it can make a hearty meal in just Rs20, so why not…especially if you are on a tight budget….

While surfing the various blogs I came across an article by Sanjiv Khamgaonkar about 40 Mumbai Foods you cannot leave without trying where he lists the special Mumbai food and the best places to try them for their true flavor.

The most delicious street food that I like is always my all time favorite Batatawada, Pani Puri, Sev puri and Pav Bajji.. When my NRI relatives visit me, they go crazy over Frankie and Bademiya’s Baida roti.

By the way…have you tried sing-channa from roadside hawkers?? It is my great time-pass activity during bus journey, while my vehicle is stuck in a traffic jam, munching away on peanuts keeps my mind busy and patience is restored.

Is it same for you too???


Otrivin said...

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Hiiii said...

hahaha sing-channa i like it az it was my fav timepass food(yeah food lol) when roaming with friends on those memorable evenings lol ...ahhh old days.
Btw u forgot indian burger i mean vadapav and those kulfi's and masala dhosa :D

pushpee said...

haahaha! yeah...kulfi all time favorite, during my growing up days, the kulfiwalla used to pass my lane at 12 midnight while me and my friends were supposed to study all night, the nightly treat of kulfi was a real treat!!!

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